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28 ACT Score: Is This Good? Which Colleges Can You Get Into With This Score?

Apr 5, 2022

Are you wondering if 28 is a good ACT score to get admission into a University? Well, if yes, we understand your worries. Many institutions need ACT scores to determine a student’s admission chances. The panel takes the score into account, and the highest scorer gets admission into the University. So, like SAT, GPA, and other scores, ACT is equally important.

This article will tell you whether 28 ACT is a good score or needs improvement, how ACT is scored, and ways to improve an ACT score. We’ll start the article with whether the 28 ACT percentile is a good score or not.


Here we are to give you an idea about the potential of a 28 ACT score for college admissions. Discover the significance of a 28 ACT score and explore how Turito’s expert coaching can boost your college acceptance chances. Don’t miss this opportunity to optimize your ACT preparation. Visit Turito Academy now and pave your way to academic excellence!

Is 28 A Good ACT Score?

Well, it is outstanding! A 28 ACT score is equal to 88%. So, undoubtedly, it is an excellent score. Unfortunately, only a few candidates get the 28 ACT percentile, so if you have got one, you are lucky. With this score, the panelists will consider you as an above-average student. However, if the score is not enough to get you through the best colleges in the city, then take a test prep course. This will help you raise your percentage. 


Which Subjects Appear In The ACT Test?

Assuming that you are planning to sit for the ACT for the first time. Then, you need to know about the test in detail. Generally, the ACT comprises four sections. These sections include English, Science, Maths, Reading, and an optional Writing Test. The questions that appear in the test are multiple-choice questions. You will get 2 hours 55 minutes to finish the test. If you sit for the writing test too, the authorities will give you 3 hours 35 minutes for the paper completion.


Although some universities might not prioritize ACT scores, it is better to have a good result to be on the safe side. This way, you can stay prepared if the universities ask for the ACT score without any notice.

Students studying in Class 11 and 12 can submit the ACT score during their application. All the tests check the student’s skill and strength. Look at each section mentioned below to know what score is perfect for every subject.


ACT English Section

The first section that you need to appear for is the English section. This section will have five passages from which 75 MCQs will be asked. You have to complete the paper in 45 minutes. This is an important section of the paper so if you are not good at English grammar or punctuation usage, start preparing from today. Also, brush up on the rhetoric skills as they will get tested in the examination. 

1 – 19Below AveragePoor
20 – 23AverageGood
24 – 28Above AverageCompetitive
29 – 36HighestBest

ACT Maths Section

The next section that you need to sit for is the Maths test. This section consists of 60 MCQs that you need to finish in 60 minutes. You will get questions from Elementary Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, and Plane Geometry. Besides, you can also expect questions from Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry.

1 – 19Below AveragePoor
20 – 23AverageGood
24 – 27Above AverageCompetitive
28 – 36HighestBest

ACT Reading Section

The third one is the reading section. You will get 40 questions from this part. You will have 35 minutes to answer all the questions. The question paper will have four passages, and you have to answer 10 questions from each passage. Make sure to read the passage quickly to have enough time to answer the questions. Humanities, Natural sciences, social science, and literary fiction topics can come in this section.  

1 – 20Below AveragePoor
21 – 25AverageGood
26 – 29Above AverageCompetitive
30 – 36HighestBest

ACT Science Section

The science section is the fourth and final section. You don’t need advanced knowledge of science topics to sit for the examination. Just general knowledge about the subject would do. 40 MCQs need to be solved in 35 minutes, like the reading section. For this section, you will get passages that would include charts, tables, and graphs. You can expect questions from chemistry, physics, and earth sciences as well. 

1 – 20Below AveragePoor
21 – 24AverageGood
25 – 26Above AverageCompetitive
27 – 36HighestBest

ACT Writing Section

This section is optional for all. However, if you think about whether you should appear for this, call the University where you wish to apply and ask if they need the writing score. If they say yes, you can sit for this test. The examiners will give you 40 minutes to answer the questions. This section is kept in the syllabus to check students’ strengths and weaknesses. 

1 – 20Below AveragePoor
21 – 25AverageGood
26 – 29Above AverageCompetitive
30 – 36HighestBest

What Is The 28 ACT Score On The SAT?

The SAT mark for 28 ACT scores is 1310 as per the College Board. Not all schools need both the SAT and ACT score, but you can check our list to find schools that need both and accept 28 ACT scores from the list below.


 What Colleges Can I Get Admission Into?

Here are some of the best colleges in the country that have previously accepted students with 28 ACT percentile and other scores within this range. Continue scrolling down to view, search, sort, and scan the entire list.

CollegeAverage ACT
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill30
Skidmore College29
University of Miami30
Lafayette College30
Santa Clara University30
Yeshiva University27
Loyola Marymount University29
Occidental College30
Trinity University30
Bucknell University30
Union College30
American University29
University of Denver28
Mount Holyoke College28
University of Washington Seattle Campus30

How to Improve Your ACT Score

So, you’ve taken the ACT before, but the results were unsatisfactory. And now you wish to take it again and come up with better scores but are unsure if you can get one. Don’t worry! You can follow our tips below to get the score that you want.

  1. Scan The Baseline Score

By this, we mean to analyze the ACT score you received on the first try. See where you lacked behind. Then, work on your strengths and weaknesses with more focus on the weak subjects. You can answer the difficult questions and ace the examination with good results.

  1. Set Realistic Goals

Once you analyze your score, it is time to set a realistic goal. Determine how much you can get in the second exam, and don’t expect a lot. This way you will get disappointed. If you have a clear idea of how much you can improve, you can avoid this situation. If you have less time to prepare, consider this factor as well before making your goals.

  1. Make a Study Plan

So, your goals are set as per your time and capabilities. Now you need to make a study plan. If you have less time, make a study plan accordingly. Study the difficult subjects first and keep the easy ones for last. This way, you can allot more time for the difficult subjects and revise the easy ones before the examination. So, you will be able to cover the entire syllabus efficiently.

  1. Learn the ACT Format

Don’t just focus on the curriculum but also the ACT format. You might need to sit for the examination more than once to do so. Do not hesitate for that because you cannot have a smart preparation if you don’t know the format. It is important to know which subjects are important and which subjects can be ignored to make a wise study plan. 

  1. Solve Practice Tests

If you feel under confident in a subject, solve practice tests to clear your concepts. The more you practice, the more confidence you will gain before appearing in the ACT examination. Study the weak subjects and then sit for a full-length practice test. This will also help you to test your preparation before the exam.

  1. Ace Test Day

On the test day, implement our tips on boosting your ACT score. Don’t worry, your hard work will pay off! Just ensure to not stay up late at night before the exam. Instead, do something relaxing and entertaining. Also, verify that you have all your necessary testing tools, such as pencils, calculators, water bottles, nutritious foods, etc., that you need on the examination day.


Hopefully, the guide has helped you understand whether 28 ACT is a good score or not and which colleges you can get with such a score. Start applying to the colleges from the list mentioned above to ensure your seat in one of the reputed colleges worldwide without worrying about whether 28 on the ACT is good for submission.

is 28 a good act score


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