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Is 1250 a Good SAT Score? Colleges You Can Get Into

Apr 1, 2022

If you have scored 1250 on SAT, you must be wondering, is 1250 a good SAT score? Here is all that you need to know about your SAT score and the colleges that are a good match for your score.

Your score will depend primarily on what college you are applying for. Read on to discover a list of top colleges where submitting a 1250 score with your college application will give you a place around the middle SAT score range of applicants’ average SAT scores. 


Is the 1250 SAT Score Good?

1250 is an above-average SAT score. Here are some most popular colleges where you will be a competitive applicant with a 1250 SAT score. You will come across your reach schools and safety schools. You must keep in mind that you require a GPA as listed by the college you are applying to in addition to your SAT score. 

Percentile: 81st


So, amongst 2.13 million applicants, 402824 scored the same or higher than you.

You are competitive for 1266 colleges, i.e., you can apply to 1266 colleges, and you stand a high chance of getting admitted to them. However, you will be missing out on 232 colleges, i.e., you have a very low chance of getting into these schools with a score of 1250. 


A score of 1250 on SAT is highly competitive as it places you in the top 81st percentile. So, is 1250 a good SAT score? Yes, you stand a good chance of getting selected at the top colleges as your score is good amongst the 1.7 million applicants for the SAT entrance exam. It indicates that you are adept at answering the questions on evidence-based reading and writing, and Math. 

What is the ACT equivalent to a 1250 score in SAT?

1250 SAT score converts to a 26 on the ACT based on the College Board / ACT concordance. You must check both the scores and check the comparable listings for both standardized tests.


Hard To Get Into Colleges For 1250 SAT Score Students 

You must be curious to know the top-ranked colleges that accept students with SAT scores near 1250. Here is a list of colleges that you can get.

CollegeAverage SAT
Skidmore College1310
University of Miami1340
Lafayette College1350
Yeshiva University1280
Southern Methodist University1350
Loyola Marymount University1300
Trinity University1340
University of Denver1270
University of Washington Seattle Campus1330
Texas Christian University1220

Equally Hard to Get Into Colleges

These colleges have an average SAT score close to 1250. So, if you apply to these colleges, you will have a decent chance of admission. However, if you do increase your SAT score by 200 points, you will considerably improve your chances of getting admission to some top schools/ colleges.

College Average SAT Score
United States Military Academy, West Point, NY1270
Penn State University Park, University Park, PA1265
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH1265
Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY1250
Temple University, Philadelphia, PA1238
Auburn University, Auburn University, AL1235
Seton Hall University South Orange, NJ1231

Understanding SAT Score  – Which Score is Good?

A higher SAT score can enhance your chances of getting into a top college of your choice. However, there is no particular standard for a “good” SAT score. With that said, you must aim for at least 1200. The standard for a decent SAT score rises considerably depending on the competitive applicant pool. Thus, it is much better to aim for at least the 75th percentile, or 1200. Also, you should seek SAT scores that are within or higher than your college’s middle 50%. 

Usually, SAT scores range from 400 to 1600. The total score is a sum of two section scores: Mathematics and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW). 


Percentiles help estimate how well you compared with others who appeared for the SAT. The following percentile table will give you an idea of some good SAT scores. However, you must keep in mind that the percentile rankings for scores can change from year to year, but there is a slight difference.

SAT ScorePercentile
1560- 160099+
1520 -155099
1430- 144098
1240- 125080
1200- 121075
1040- 105050 (median)

Good SAT Scores for Best Colleges

You must be curious to know the ACT score requirement at the best colleges. Here is a list of some top colleges that almost every student aspires to. Check out the 25th percentile and 75th percentile SAT scores.

School 25th percentile SAT score 75th percentile SAT score
Boston University14301540
Bowdoin College14401550
Colgate University13701500
Colorado College12801450
Columbia University15101560

Good SAT Score Based on Your Schools/ Colleges

You can raise your chances of getting admitted to a particular college by aiming for SAT scores that are near about that for a typical enrolled applicant. So, if the average first-year student earned 1300, then you too should be trying for at least 1300.

To draw your aims, you must find the median 50% of the scores for the college you’re applying to. This median 50% lies between the 25th and 75th percentiles. You must set your goal for a score around your college’s 75th percentile. You should not score less than the 25th percentile score.  

Many colleges provide SAT statistics on their websites where you can get the SAT score range for the college. The exact SAT score aim will vary based on the colleges you apply to. While certain institutions admit applicants with median SAT scores, others are highly selective and often prefer candidates who score in the 1400-1600 range.

How Important Are SAT Scores?

SAT/ACT scores play a significant role in your admissions in addition to your GPA. Many top colleges have emphasized the importance of SAT scores. Moreover, most elite colleges receive so many applications that they have to rely on SAT scores and other numbers to differentiate applicants. Some of the best colleges have raised their requirements, and they accept candidates who score higher than 1400.

How Can You Get A High Score on SAT?

What to do and what not? The following points will help you increase your test scores and thus your chances of getting into your dream college.

  • You must practice taking standardized tests in addition to studying for them. Knowing how to take the SAT is equally important as knowing the right topics for the test. 
  • Ensure that you apply to colleges that are in your score range. Also, apply to a safety school or two. 
  • You must get oriented to the format and the overall test structure. Familiarize yourself with content and question styles. The SAT is out of 1600. There are 800 marks for the Math section and 800 for Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. 
SectionNumber of QuestionsTime in Minutes
Writing and Language4435
Math No-Calculator2025
Math Calculator3855
Essay (optional)150
Total:154 (+1 essay prompt)3 hours (3 hours 50 mins including essay)
  • You must set a score goal and work accordingly. Formulate a study plan and learn test strategies. 
  • It is vital to figure out your weaknesses and work on them. Taking sample tests and solving questions will help you assess your preparation. 
  • Practice and perfect your essays. Rewrite them until you get every word and every punctuation mark correct. 
  • You have to put in labor while preparing your application: devote quality time to studying, preparing, and rewriting. 

Lastly, you must understand that the country has hundreds of outstanding colleges. So, even if you don’t get into your top ten, several options are available. 

Frequently Asked Questions on 1250 SAT Score

Q1. Is 1250 a good SAT score?

A. Yes, 1250 is a good SAT score. It is very competitive, and it puts you in the top 81st percentile of those who appear for the exam. You can get into some good colleges with a 1250 SAT score.

Q2. What are the best colleges I get into with a 1250 SAT score?

A. The University of Texas at Austin, Clemson University, and Florida State University are some of the best colleges for those who have a 1250 SAT score. You stand a competitive chance of getting into these colleges with a 1250 or higher score. 

Q3. What percentile is 1250 on the SAT?

A. 1250 ranks in the top 81st percentile of all students who appear for the SAT exam. As per reports, approximately 2.31 million students appear for SAT.

Q4. What does the 1250 SAT score correspond to in terms of the ACT score?

A. 1250 corresponds to a 26 on the ACT using College Board/ ACT concordance tables. Many colleges do not mention both scores, so you must keep a check on both via comparative listings.

is 1250 a good sat score


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