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Apostrophe – Uses of Period With Examples

Sep 6, 2022

Apostrophe – Use of Period 

Utilization of the period 

There are just two purposes of the period (otherwise called hush stop” in British English):’ 

  • To stamp the finish of a sentence communicating an assertion (assuming you are uncertain whether the words comprise a sentence, search for an action word which is a fundamental part of a sentence) 
  • To connote an abbreviation – [N.A.T.O. for North Atlantic Treaty Organization (albeit progressively it is ac-ceptable and, surprisingly, best not to involve full stops in such cases)] 

Note: A typical misstep is to utilize a comma where a full stop ought to be utilized, 

Coming up next are the purposes of some normal accentuation marks as talked about by Prof. Rosella Torrecampo during the “Fundamental Onine Writing Training” for SUC Writers:’ 

Utilization of the Apostrophe 

  1. Demonstrates a possessive in a particular thing Example: The bistro’s menu 

However, when the owner is a normal plural, the punctuation follows the “s.” Example: The bistros’ menus. 

Note: With modem names finishing off with “s” (counting scriptural names and any unfamiliar name with an unpronounced last “s”), the “s” is expected after the punctuation. 


Keats’ sonnets St. James’ Square Charles’ espresso cup 

With names from the antiquated world, it isn’t. Tragic flaw Archimedes’ screw 

Assuming the name closes in an “iz” sound, a special case is made: Bridges’ score Moses’ tablets Jesus’ supporters 

Demonstrates time or amount. Fourteen day’s NoticeThe Café will open in multi month’s time. 

  1. Demonstrates the oversight of figures in dates Example: Batch ’08 is so eager to graduate. 
  1. Demonstrates the oversight of letters Examples: The preparation begins at 8 0′ clock consistently. The gov’t is set to fight the extremists in Basilan. 

(It is) your turn. It’s been quite a long while (It has been quite a long while). 

  1. Included in Irish names, for example, 0′ Neal and a Casey. ‘0 = Of (?) ‘0 = anglicisation of “ua” meaning grandson 
  1. Demonstrates the plural of words The do’s and don’ts of speaking She didn’t invite his yet’s and’s. 

Note: The punctuation doesn’t need to show up in the plurals of truncations (for example Dvd’s) or plural dates (for example 1980’s) 

Keep in mind: Possessive pronouns don’t need a punctuation Possessive Pronouns: Mine Ours Yours His Theirs Hers  Its . 


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