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Author Purpose

Aug 27, 2022

What is Author’s Purpose? 

Author Purpose is all that –

  • Are you engaged while reading a book? 
  • Sometimes they are so interesting that we read them continuously. Ever wondered how an author can engage their audience? That is through a concept called Author’s Purpose. 
Author Purpose

Let’s learn more about it:  

An author’s purpose is his reason for or intent in writing.  

An author’s purpose may be:  

  • To amuse the reader 
  • To persuade the reader 
  • To inform the reader, or  
  • To satirize a condition 

An author’s purpose is seen in the way he writes about a topic.  

For example:  

If he wants create amusement in the minds of reader, he uses jokes or anecdotes in his writing.  


Why does the Author write the story? 

Persuade: The author tries to make you believe what he is saying or do something. 

Inform: The author presents information about a topic. 

Entertain: The author tells us a story for us to enjoy. 



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