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Author’s Purpose and Tone

Grade 8
Sep 1, 2022

Author’s Purpose: 

The author’s purpose is the reason why he/she is writing on a topic.  

An author writes to communicate the main point about a subject. The core idea of a work is inextricably linked to the author’s goal. 

An author’s purpose can be divided into three: 

1. To Inform-

To provide information about a topic. Authors with this goal want to present facts that will help readers understand or learn anything. 


Pain is a natural aspect of the human body that alerts us when something is amiss. 


2. To Entertain-

To delight and amuse; to appeal to the senses and imagination of the reader. Authors with this goal set out to captivate or pique the audience’s interest. 


“Yes, I have put on some weight. I weighed only seven pounds when I was born.” 

3. To Persuade-

To persuade the reader to agree with the author’s viewpoint on a topic.  Authors with this intention may include facts, but their primary goal is to persuade or convince readers. 



The death penalty should be abolished as it is deeply flawed. 

Author’s Tone: 

The author’s tone is his or her attitude toward the subject. The author’s mood is reflected in the words and details he or she chooses. 

Textbooks, for example, are typically written in an objective tone with facts and rational explanations. The objective tone is unbiased and matter-of-fact. The majority of the information is factual.  

Fiction and personal essays, on the other hand, are frequently written in a subjective tone. Words that describe feelings, judgments, or views are used in a subjective tone. Experiences, sensations, sentiments, and thoughts are likely to be included in the specifics. 

The author’s tone is conveyed by the words and details he or she chooses. You must pay attention to how these words and elements are used in the text to identify the author’s tone. 


  • This place may be run-down, yet it holds a particular place in my heart because it is where both of my children were born. – Sentimental tone 
  • This house does require some repairs, but I’m confident that the landlord will address them shortly. – Optimistic tone 
Authors Purpose and Tone


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