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Capital Letter – A Complete Guide for Grammar

Grade 9
May 8, 2023

Capital Letters

  • Capitalization:
  • It is writing a word with its first letter in capital letters and the remaining letters in smaller letters.
  • Capitalization means using capital or upper-case letters.
  • Capitalize the pronoun “I” always, no matter wherever it is used in a sentence.
  • The first word in a sentence or a direct quote has to be capitalized.
  • Proper names are capitalized.
  • It includes names of peopleplacescompanies, days of the week, and months.
  • A professional title or familial role is used as a noun of address and is considered a proper noun, even if it would be a common noun in other circumstances.
  • Derivatives of proper names used with an appropriate meaning are capitalized.
  • Capitals are used for geographical names, not directions, unless part of a distinctive region.
  • When a person’s title appears on the address or signature line after their name, capitalize it.
  • Capitalize the title when used with or before a high-ranking government official’s name.
  • Capitalization is used when a common noun or adjective is a crucial component of a proper name.
  • The complete names of any planned or existing organizations, as well as their abbreviations, are capitalized.
  • The names of those who belong to organized bodies are capitalized to set them apart from those who use the same words only for purposes of description.
  • Trade names, variable names, and names of market grades and brands are capitalized.
  • Only when used as proper names or adjectives are the official names of nations, national domains, and their primary administrative divisions capitalized.
  • Commonwealth, confederation (federal), government, nation (national), powers, republic, etc., are comparable terms that are capitalized only when they are used as proper names, proper names, or proper adjectives.
  • A proper name is a phrase that describes a particular area, region, or geographic feature and is capitalized as a result.
  • A phylum, class, order, family, or genus name should be capitalized.
  • Both the planets’ and celestial bodies’ names should be capitalized.
  • When used as proper names for historical or political events, names are capitalized.
  • The first and principal words in addresses, salutations, and signatures are capitalized.
  • The interjection “O” is always capitalized. However, interjections within a sentence are not capitalized.
  • Capitalize the names of races, nations, and nationalities.
  • Capitalize the names of languages.
  • Capital letters are used in abbreviations & initialisms.
Capital Letter


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