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Commas With Series

Aug 27, 2022

As we know, a comma is a short pause that indicates a break between the words in a sentence. 

Apart from the advanced rules laid down in the previous grades, there are a couple of other basic instances where a comma should be used. It includes the usage of comma in a series. A series may also be referred to as a list that contains more than two elements.  There are a couple of tiny classifications that come under a list where the usage of comma is integral. 

Words in a series: 

Commas should be used between words that constitute a list of more than two elements, like; 

  • Maggie likes chocolates, milk shakes, and cookies. 
  • The teacher asked us to take out our pencils, erasers, and notebooks. 
  • You need to get me some cheese, tomatoes, capsicum, and chilies to make this dish. 

You may or may not use the comma before the and in the list of more than two elements, as it is optional. 

Phrases in a series: 

Commas should be used between the phrases that constitute a series of more than two elements, like; 

  • I went surfing in Florida, hiking in North Dakota, and cycling in Vegas last summer. 
  • I couldn’t find the wallet even after searching for it under the bed, on the table, and inside the cupboard. 


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