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Using Commas in a Series, Dates, Names of Places, Addresses

Grade 3
Jul 27, 2023

Commas with a Series:

Commas are used to separate three or more items in a list.

A list of three or more items in a series, with the last two items separated by ‘and’ or ‘or.’ To denote the end of a series of items we use commas. The items in a series can be words or groups of words.

For example: 

Jack bought bread, butter, and jam from the store.

Mary’s hobbies are drawing pictures, reading books, and watching movies.


If the last comma in a series comes before ‘and’ or ‘or’, it is known as an Oxford comma.

Commas with Dates:

Commas are used in dates.

They are used between the day and the month.

For example:   

I began the trip on Friday, January 10.


They are also used between the date and the year.

For example:

The last date for submission of the application is October 10, 2021.

Also, one has to use a comma after the year, if it comes in the beginning or middle of the sentence.

For example:

On August 16, 2007, Alice joined college.

Here are some sentences that show the use of commas

  1. Jane, June, and Judith are sisters.

2.      We bought our car on Sunday, October 10, 2021.

3.      Bob is traveling to Seattle, Washington.

4.      The mail should be sent to 34 Downs Street, Lancaster, California.

Commas with the Name of Places:

  • A comma is used between the name of a city (or town) and a state.

For example: My parents lived in Houston, Texas.

  • If a city and a state appear at the beginning or middle of a sentence, both the city and the state must be separated by a comma.

Example: Cleveland, Ohio, is John’s place of birth.

  • If two cities’ names are followed by a state’s name, then the city closest to the state will have a comma after it.

Example: My friends visited Los Angeles and San Francisco, California.

Commas with Addresses:

Commas are used to separate the street address, city, state, and country. If the address appears in the beginning or in the middle of the sentence, a comma should follow it.

For example:

They moved to 23 AL Street, Los Angeles, California, last



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