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Adverbs: Word Wizard – Compound Words

Grade 7
May 30, 2023

Let’s memorize the difference between verb and adverb

Verbs are action words, and adverbs are descriptive words. Adverbs define how an action is carried out, whereas verbs describe the activity that a noun does.

Verb  adverb

E.g., Aiden writes slowly in the classroom.

What is an Adverb?

An adverb is a word that describes a verb. It describes a course of action or how something is done. A lot of adverbs finish in -ly.


Now let’s study the adverb compound words.

  • When an adverb is combined with a noun, adjective, or verb, a compound adverb is created. A verb, an adjective, or even another adverb can be modified by a compound adverb. One word, two words, or a hyphen may be used to represent a compound adverb.
  • Adverbs that are part of a compound can modify a verb, an adjective, or even another adverb. One word (thereafter, sometimes), two words (early on, very well), or a hyphen can be used to write compound adverbs (self-consciously, in-house).

What is a Compound Adverb?

The term “compound adverb” refers to a brand-new word that is used to modify verbs, other adverbs, and adjectives.

Use of Compound Adverbs

Compound adverbs are typically used in three different ways.

  • Compound adverbs can first be written as a single word. Like:

E.g., Henceforth, thereafter, sometimes, henceforward, hereupon, thereafter, thereupon, whereupon, etc.

  • A compound adverb can also be written using two words. Like:

E.g., Very well, early on, now, and then, etc.

  • The third option is to hyphenate a compound adverb. Like:

E.g., In-house, cold-shoulder, gift-wrap, baby-sit, etc.

Let’s compose some sentences with explanations using various compound adverbs.

  1. Far and away: by a significant margin or sum – a huge deal

E.g., Charlie Chaplin is by far and away the best actor in Hollywood.

  1. Over and above: as well as or besides

E.g., Over and above her teaching duties, she is a chairperson of two committees.

Now let’s revise adverbs – compound words.

Compound verbs (i.e., compound words acting as a single verb) typically appear as two or more words and are not hyphenated. Examples are “was destroyed,” “was looking,” and “will be waiting.” On the other hand, compound adverbs, which are two words that modify a verb, typically appear as one word.

Now, Look at Comparative Adverb Examples and Explanations to Get Deep Knowledge about Compound Adverb

  1. Logan found early on that he had a phobia of hill stations.

Explanation – Here, the compound adverb ‘Early on’ is in use to denote the meaning ‘Soon after beginning.’

  1. My father cooked lunch very well.

Explanation – Here, the compound adverb ‘Very well’ is in use to denote the meaning ‘Express consent.’

  1. Don’t pretend. You did this crime self-consciously.

Explanation – Here, the compound adverb ‘Self-consciously’ is in use to denote the meaning ‘Self-awareness.’

  1. All schools perform in-house sessions due to Corona.

Explanation – Here, the compound adverb ‘In-house’ is in use to denote the meaning ‘Complete within an organization.’

  1. Owen initially began consuming four bananas at once. Thereafter, he had no problem eating ten bananas at once.

Explanation – Here, the compound adverb ‘Thereafter’ is in use to denote the meaning ‘After the matter.’

Let’s learn more Examples

  1. Sometimes I feel like starting my own business.
  2. Henceforth, I will not hear any excuses from others.
  3. I don’t like milk; therefore, I don’t want to drink tea.
  4. I was ready to take the bus, whereupon Nancy offered me her car.
  5. Somehow, I need to reach my school for the Annual day celebration.
compound words


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