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The Ultimate Guide to Descriptive Details

Class 3
Jun 15, 2023

Descriptive Details

  • Example:
descriptive example
  • Five things we should keep in mind while writing a descriptive detail.
descriptive writing
  • The descriptive details mean the ‘clear communication’.
  • A description is more effective when it uses both objective and subjective details.
descriptive writing
  • In objective description, the facts are the primary focus. It shows less emotional aspects. The writer must describe the reality of the object whether it’s good or bad.
  • In the subjective description, the focus will be totally on the subject matter. Here the writer can describe his/her emotion.
  • We use descriptive details to write creatively, enhance a wide variety of subjects, give a sense of honesty, and enhance focus.
Descriptive Details
  • Let’s see how we describe in detail while writing about a person, object, and place.
  • When we are describing a person, we should add the physical features, appearance, name, and other details that create a visualization in the reader’s mind.
  • When describing any object, there will be less emotions. We can talk about its advantages and disadvantages. We can use metaphorical terms to appeal to the readers physically.
  • While describing a place, we write about its surroundings. We give our real-time experience about that place. The description should be in detail so that the reader can create a picture in his/her mind.
  • These kinds of descriptive details offer the writer more creativity.
  • It aims to create a realistic and touching image in the reader’s mind.
  • It helps the writer to think in a broad way while writing descriptive details.
  • We use descriptive language in a text like metaphor and simile.
descriptive language
  • Let’s see some more examples of descriptive details.
Examples of descriptive details

Format of Writing Descriptive Details:

  • While writing a description, first we give a small introduction and then start with the details, including all features of the object/person.
  • Lastly, we conclude with some conclusion lines. It also includes the thoughts and personal views of the writer about that thing/person.
  • Descriptive details allow sensory recreations of experiences, objects, or imaginings.
  • A preposition/prepositional phrase helps the writer to make the description more realistic and clearer.
  • The preposition helps to show the time, direction, and place in which writing a descriptive detail.
  • Some other types of descriptive writing include writing about oneself, poems, traveling, memory, experience, and nature.
  • It helps the writer to think in a broad way while writing descriptive details.
Descriptive detail


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