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Dialogue Writing

Sep 2, 2022

What is Dialogue? 

  • Top of form 
  • It is a conversation that’s written or spoken between two individuals or more. 
  • It could be used in a play script.  
  • It does not usually require speech marks. (Unless the speaker in the play is quoting someone.) 
  • It is an extended piece, as the speakers are speaking in turns.  
  • Each time a new person speaks, it should be put on a new line. 
  • So the format of a dialogue in a play script is: 
  • Character’s name: _______________________ (dialogue) 


Princess Rose: Stop! 

Fire Knight: What? 

Princess Rose: You can’t destroy this poor little innocent creature. 

Knight 2: Why not? 


Princess Rose: Because he is adorable! 

Nighty Knight: Stand aside. 

Princess Lily: Never! We are princesses, and you knights must do whatever we say, right? 

Knight 4: Well… I guess so. 

Princess Lily: We command you to be friends with this little creature. 


Fire Knight: What?! 

Princess Lily: Swear it! 

Knight 2: Fine, Fine!   

Knights: We swear it. 

Keep in Mind 

  • If the dialogue is written as direct speech, then use quotation marks (“ ”) – to distinguish them within a sentence. 
  • All punctuations related to the spoken sentence/ dialogue should be inside the quotation marks. 


  • “Let’s go to the mall!” said Robin Sparkles. 
  • “That is Legendary. Where can we see it?” asked Barney. 
  • Tom: I love Gooseberries! 
  • Jerry: I don’t like the taste! 
  • “The car is talking!” Emma shrieked. 
  • End the first section of speech with a comma if the speech is broken up by a reporting clause. But this comma should be within the quotation marks. This shows that the speech is not finished.  
  • “I’m not going in there,” Kyle said anxiously, “It’s dark inside!” 


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