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Sep 1, 2022


To give clarity and stress in sentences. 

To structure and organize the writing. 

  • Let’s cook Uncle 
  • Let’s cook, Uncle! 

Capital Letters  

Placed at the beginning of any sentence. 

All proper nouns– Names, Monuments, Geographical Locations, Nationalities, Languages, Days, Months, Holidays  

Titles of Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Plays, Movies 

  • Lewis is the Owner of The New York Times. 

Full Stop 

Placed at the end of the sentence. 

Used between initials / personal names 

Used after Abbreviations 

  • M.J. James is a doctor. 


To separate a list of similar words or phrases. 

  • Janet was young, pretty, kind and intelligent. 

Place a comma after digits signifying thousands, except when referring to temperature or year. 

  • That would be 7,500 dollars.  
  • The year is 2022. 

To introduce a complete quote. 

  • Tom said, “Jerry irritates me a lot!”  

Do not use a comma in names ending with Jr. or a numeral. 

  • Martin Luther King Michael D. Smith Jr. 
  • William Edwards III 

For a date, place a comma between the date and the year, and after the year. 

  • On July 4, 1776, the country celebrated its first Independence Day. 

Do not place a comma between the month and year when the day is not mentioned. 

  • April 2022 

Question Mark  

Used to showcase that a question has been asked placed at the end of the interrogatory sentence. 

  • Do you speak Korean? 

 Exclamation Mark 

Used to indicate expression in a sentence 

Used to showcase emphasis in a sentence 

Placed at the end of the exclamatory sentence 

  • I can’t believe we won! 
  • I can’t believe we lost! 


To make contractions of words 

  • they + will = they’ll 
  • they + have = they’ve 
  • are + not = aren’t 

To show possession. 

  • This is Davy Jones’ locker.  
  • Someone broke into my grandparents’ home. 
  • Drake’s wife is an astronaut.  


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