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How to Write Travel Diary – Practice with Examples

Grade 7
Jun 7, 2023

What is a Diary Entry, and How Can We Benefit from it?

A diary is a place where you may be honest with yourself, note your observations, and express your feelings regarding events in your life. Additionally, it is a place where you can speak freely, think, and fantasize. Anything you want can easily be written down using words.

Activity Time

It was agreed by you and your sister to commemorate your parents’ 25th wedding anniversary. Your plans should be expressed in no more than 150 words as a diary entry.

Diary entry





What are Diary Entries and their Types?

A diary entry is a group of pages that make up the entry. The dates and times when the diary entries were written are typically used to organize them. Depending on the diary type, each entry may include thoughts, feelings, reflections, dreams, and more. Even in your diary, you can subcategorize the information in an entry.

  • As an illustration, subcategories of a dream diary could include lucid dreams, nightmares, etc.
  • Diary entries can be written, illustrated, recorded, or even a combination of several media.

Why Keep a Diary When You Travel?

There are numerous advantages to writing when traveling, but these are a few to get you started.

  1. Remember More

You won’t forget the reasons you wanted to go and will remember more of your visit if you list the activities you intend to undertake while traveling as well as the activities you have already completed.

  1. Learn More

You can learn a lot about a new place’s culture, traditions, and people when you visit there. You will notice more of your surroundings if you have a place to record your observations.

  1. Reflect More

A journal is a location where you can write down new things you’ve learned from exploring the many places you go. You will be able to look back and consider what you have learned and apply it to other areas of your life by having all these fresh discoveries in one location.

Here are a Few Pointers on How to Write a Travel Diary

You must travel and keep a travel diary. You can begin writing wherever you need to. All you need is a location to start your vacation diary.

  1. Plan Your Vacation Using Your Diary

Even before you go on your trip, you can start keeping a notebook. Start making plans for the things you wish to do in your journal. It could be anything, such as a hip restaurant to eat at, a trek you want to do, or other attractions you want to see. To ensure that you don’t forget anything from your trip checklist, write everything down.

Mention the location you’ve been to above the page

  • Use a small diary that you can easily carry along with your travel
  • Carry a craft kit, which includes little scissors, pens, plaster, a notepad, stamps, and other supplies.
  1. Write About How You See it to be

Describe your experiences there.

When you travel, your final location may be completely unanticipated. It’s possible that despite your expectations, the local cuisine surprised you by being excellent.

  1. Write While Traveling

When information is still fresh in your mind, it is always simpler to recall it. Therefore try to write as frequently every day as you can.

  1. Add Pictures to Your Diary

In order to have a nice memory of your travels for the rest of your life, you can gather photographs or photos from the places you visit.

You can then add your doodles or postcards to the entries in your journal.

  1. Write About Your Trip After Your Leave.

You should write about your vacation once you return, just like you do before you go.

  • How did it feel?
  • What did you discover?
  • What caught you off guard?
  • What made you unhappy?

To retain new knowledge and use it in future endeavors, it is crucial to reflect on your travels. This is also a fantastic method to discover more about who you are, your possible traveling companions, and your potential for development. Take a step back from what you accomplished and try to grasp the big picture. You might be surprised.

Let’s write the travel diary entry of the place we visited during the last vacation.

You’ve traveled to Miami and visited many places in the city and the city’s scenery and cuisine, and you plan to write about your travels there as well as its location and part of its history, culture, food, and attire. You must compose a minimum of 100 to 150 words.


Let’s practice with a few examples

Make a daily journal of your activities, a scientific notebook of your observations of plants and animals, an art journal of your sketches, a map of the places you visited, or a mix of all four.

Vacation Journal: Day

Write a Travel diary


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