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Grade 6
Aug 27, 2022
  • Imagery- It is a literary device used to appeal to readers’ senses- sight, smell, touch, sound and taste.                                 
  • It often uses figurative language in stories, poems, narratives, plays, songs and other creative compositions.                                           


  • Readers can easily imagine a story’s situations/events, characters, emotions and setting. 
  • Allows writers to paint pictures in readers’ minds to make them impactful and to elicit the emotional feelings of readers. 


  • Her words felt like a dagger in my heart. 
  •  Sparkling white, the blanket of snow covered the mountains.     
  • The banyan tree bark was rough on my back but the umbrella shade compensated.      


Visual Imagery 

Visual imagery describes what we see. Visual imagery may include: 

  • Color 
  • Shape 
  • Size 
  • Pattern 


  • David stepped out of his car and thought the bright orange, beaming sunlight will make him blind.  
  • The night was black as ever, but bright stars lit up in varied constellations and painted the sky with a sprinkling touch.  

Auditory Imagery

Describes what we hear. It includes: 

  • Music 
  • Noise 
  • Silence  


  • Trees rustled in rhythm as the breeze whistled softly through the leaves.  
  • Suddenly, silence was broken by piano keys. He played the chords and toned-down tension in the air.   
  • Noise of broken glass created an eerie feeling inside me.  

Olfactory Imagery

Describes what we smell. It includes 

  • Fragrances- Perfumes 
  • Smell- Fruit, flowers etc. 
  • Odor – (Bad) 


  • The scent of roses wafted by a gentle breeze made her relax.  
  • As soon as I entered home, it smelled like chocolate. The smell of fresh baked cookies was irresistible.  
  • This stinky brown dog might attack us.  

Gustatory Imagery

Describes what we taste. It includes  

  • Sweetness 
  • Sourness 
  • Saltiness 
  • Spiciness 
  • Savouriness 


  • Sweet and slight salty caramel melted in my mouth 
  • Ronnie took an orange slice, but to his surprise, it left a bitter lemon taste in his mouth   
  • Spicy flavor of the meat reminded her of her mother culinary skills 
  • The rich and creamy homemade sorbet is a treat during summer-time   

Tactile Imagery- Describes what we feel or touch. It includes 

  • Temperature 
  • Texture 
  • Touch 
  • Movement 


  • He wiped the sweat from his forehead and realised, his skin was just as cold. 
  • I tumbled down the slope, thorns pricked my hands and face like a thousand needles. 
  • When she entered her room, she noticed a thick, slimy substance on the walls. 


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