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Main Idea – Concept and Techniques To Find

Sep 16, 2022

Main Idea 

The core concept serves as the text’s or paragraph’s heart. It is the overarching concept that all other supporting facts in the text or within a paragraph revolve around. The “major point,” or the most important notion that the writer is imparting to the reader, is the main theme. Often, the reader may deduce the major theme from the title alone. 


Why is doing homework important? 

It promotes the student-parent-teacher relationship by encouraging learning during leisure time, improving attitude toward school, developing better study habits, stronger self-direction, self-discipline, better time management, more inquisitiveness, and autonomous problem solving. Convey different expressions.  

The main idea of the paragraph is why doing homework is important which is backed by the supporting statements. 


Techniques to determine the main idea 

  • The main idea answers the questions, what is the author trying to educate me about the issue or what does the author want me to know about the topic? 
  • Frequently, the author expresses the primary point in a single sentence. 
  • The topic sentence of a paragraph is a statement of the main concept. 
  • The thesis statement is the declared core concept in an essay. 
  • An implied main idea occurs when the author does not explicitly articulate the main idea. 
  • The main idea is usually stated near the opening or end of a paragraph. 


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