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Main Idea of a Paragraph

Class 4
Jun 9, 2023
  • The main idea of a text is the author’s message about the topic.
  • It is often expressed directly, or it can be implied.
  • If the main idea is expressed directly:
  • The main idea is found at the beginning of paragraphs, usually as a topic sentence.
  • The main idea can also be found in the concluding sentences of a paragraph, as a summation.

If the Main Idea is Implied:

  • Several sentences in a paragraph can imply the main idea by introducing facts about the topic before starting the topic.

Some More Important Points to Deal with the Main Idea

  • Read the text.
  • Ask yourself what the author is conveying in the topic.
  • Identify repeated concepts and language.
  • Summarize the article after reading.
  • Try to write the gist of the main idea in your own words.

Let us find the main idea using a passage

Robin’s favorite hobby is playing games. Chess is his favorite game as it demands a great deal of thought and skills. He also loves to play fewer demanding games such as board games. These are based mostly on luck. Robin prefers the game Monopoly as it requires mostly skill and luck. When he is alone, he loves to play action video games as long they are not too violent.

Choose the Main Idea

  1. Robin dislikes violence.
  2. Robin enjoys Monopoly.
  3. Robin enjoys playing games.

“Robin enjoys playing games” is the main idea that could be inferred from the given passage.

Let us find the main idea using a passage

Peter now has a tough time in his living room. His mom and dad bought a new carpet for the living room. There are so many new rules in the house! Now he is not allowed to wear to eat or drink in the living room. He also must take his shoes off when he enters his home. Even the poor pet, the furry dog can’t play ball in the living room.


Choose the Main Idea

  1. Peter cannot go into the living room.
  2. Peter’s parents don’t like the carpet.
  3. Peter likes to make a mess.
  4. Peter’s parents made new rules so the carpet stays clean.

“Peter’s parents made new rules so the carpet stays clean” is the main idea that could be inferred from the given passage.

Main Idea


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