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Metaphor : Definition and Examples

Grade 7
Aug 29, 2022


What is a Metaphor? 

A metaphor is a ray of sunshine in your writing! 

A metaphor is a lot like a simile! 

So, what is the difference? 

Well, it is an expression that compares two things to show how they’re alike in some way, but metaphors do not use like or as. 

What do metaphors look like? 

Several times, metaphors say that one thing is another. 



Her eyes are sparkling jewels in the sun. 

His teeth are white pearls. 

But sometimes, metaphors also compare things so that readers can imagine something a certain way or make a picture in their minds. 



His room was a massive junk yard. 

The classroom was a three-ring circus! 


  • The small boat was a bouncy bail in the crashing ocean waves. 
  • The thief was a snake, slithering in to steal the jewels. 
  • The track star is a cheetah when he races to the finish line. 
  • The harvest moon is a great pumpkin in the sky. 
  • My legs were rubber after walking all over the big city. 
  • Life is a rollercoaster! 

Why we use metaphors? 

  • Metaphors bring life to your writing and let you be more creative! 
  • Metaphors make your readers picture things in different, new ways – or however you want them to imagine something! 
  • If you can use metaphors, you truly are an Einstein! 


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