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Newspaper Article

Sep 2, 2022

While writing newspaper articles, one should try keeping it crisp, sharp and clean. 

1. CRISP: 

It should be brief and comprehensible. 

2. SHARP: 

It should be written to the point and relevant to the context. 


3. CLEAN: 

It should be without any flaws. 

There are different categories of newspaper articles based upon the nature of writing. 

The most prominent categories of newspaper articles are: 

News Articles

Covers current events 

Featured Articles 

Covers one particular subject with multiple angles, by being more creative and entertaining. 


Any news piece has to follow the prime questions, before becoming a newspaper article and such questions are: 

  1. What’s the news? 
  2. Where did it happen? 
  3. Who is involved? 
  4. When did it happen? 
  5. Why did it happen? 
  6. How did it happen? 

Now based on the prime questions, let’s write an article. 

Topic: School Annual Day Celebrations 

What’s the news? School Annual Day 

Where did it happen? Boston Public School 

Who is involved? Students, teachers, parents, chief guests 

When did it happen? 9th July 2019 

Why did it happen? To honour chief guests and appreciate students. 

How did it happen? With lots of applause and awarding laurels. 

Whatever is the article about, it mainly contains great structure to have a clear understanding for the readers. 

Structure or an outline for newspapers article: 

  1. Headline 
  2. Introduction 
  3. Opening Quotation 
  4. Main body 
  5. Closing Quotation 
  6. Conclusion 

1. Headline

Should grab the attention of the readers. 

2. Introduction

Starts the article with the introductory details like (where & when). 

3. Opening Quotation

Should give the sense to the readers about who is involved. 

4. Main Body

Should explain the heart of the story by getting in depth of reader’s minds. 

5. Closing Quotation

Should sum up the article in a few words. 

6. Conclusion

Should end the article with a good conclusion. 

Now, let’s practice writing the article about School Annual Day Celebrations. 


Boston Public Students Won Many Laurels. 


The management and students of Boston Public School have celebrated their Annual day celebrations on Tuesday, the 9th of July with pompous show in a splendid way. 

Opening Quotation

The US President’s secretary and the Vice chancellor of Boston University have addressed the students and bestowed their blessings to all of them. 

Main Body

“Today’s students lay the pathway for a better tomorrow. So, let’s give them the ‘best today’ and hope for the ‘better tomorrow’ through them”, said the Vice Chancellor of the Boston University. The US President’s Secretary honoured the merit students with awards and the prize money. 

Closing Quotation

The event ended up well, with various cultural performances like entertaining dances, message-oriented skits, fun filled mimicries and thanking all the attendees -students, parents, management and the chief guests. 


A good educational institution always brings out the colorful lives and fruitful careers, and Boston Public School has set its benchmark to many. 

Let’s Practice 

Choose the best alternative from the choices given: 

  1. What is writing?  
    1. Express something on paper  
    2. Talk to a friend 
    3. Writing an exam 
    4. Playing with a friend  


  1. While writing a newspaper article, one should keep it _____.  
    1. Crisp alone 
    2. Sharp alone  
    3. Clean alone 
    4. Crisp, Sharp and Clean  

Answer: d   

  1. What are the prominent categories of newspaper articles?  
    1. Current events and Advertisements 
    2. Featured articles and editorial column  
    3. Movie reviews and opinion pieces 
    4. Current events and Featured articles  

Answer: d   

  1. What should we follow to write and form a newspaper article?  
    1. Prime questions 
    2. Clumsy questions  
    3. Favorite questions 
    4. None 

Answer: a 


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