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Personification: Explanation and Examples

Grade 7
Aug 30, 2022

Word Wizard – Personification

Personification: Personification is a figure of speech that assigns human traits (qualities, feelings, actions, or characteristics) to non-living object (things, colors, qualities, or ideas). 

Personification is a figure of speech with an idea or thing is given attributes and feelings or it is spoken of as if it were human. 

It allows the writer to create life and motion within inanimate objects, animals, and even abstract ideas by assigning them recognizable human behaviour and emotions.  

It is an effective use of figurative language because personification relies on imagination for understanding. 

It is the attribution of a personal nature or human characteristics to something non-human, or the representation of an abstract quality in humans. 



The window winked at me. 

The verb, wink is a human action. A window is a non-living object. It is called  personification. 

Here are some examples of personification: 

  1. The sailboat danced gracefully past us 
  1. The flames ate hungrily at the burning house. 
  1. The once-proud trees bent meekly before the storm. 
  1. The bread, flat rock lay sunning itself by the stream. 

Recognize the personification in each sentence below: 

  1. The frog crept silently into the valley 
  1. The tree fought the wind with its branches. 
  1. The computer devoured information all day long 
  1. The hikers left the meadow and were swallowed by the forest. 

Non-Living Object Human Action 

  1. Fog crept 
  1. Tree fought 
  1. Computer devoured 
  1. Forest swallowed 


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