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Persuasive Writing: Meaning and Examples

Grade 7
Aug 29, 2022

Persuasive Writing 

Persuasive Writing is the writing that tries to convince a reader to do something or to believe what you believe about a certain topic. 

Persuasive Writing

Let us learn with an example  

Fast Food Is Killing The World 

Did you know that an average youngster needs 2,000 calories per day, but Burger King’s Whopper with Triple Cheese contains 1,230 calories? That is significantly more energy than what anyone requires in a single day! Fast-food consumption has increased by 500 percent since 1970, affecting practically every aspect of society, including public school cafeterias. Fast food is unhealthy since it produces rapid weight gain, high blood pressure, and sluggishness. Fast eating is detrimental to one’s health. 

The points made in this essay would not be acceptable to a fast-food company. They would cite numerous reasons why fast food is beneficial. “It’s convenient,” they might respond, or “it’s acceptable if consumed in moderation.” 

In closing, it is important to remember that too much fast food can have negative effects on health. 


Teacher: Format for Persuasive writing:  

INTRODUCTION is the “hook” that has the thesis statement. 

BODY is where the central argument is elaborated. 

CONCLUSION is where the main points are summarized and reviewed, and the reader is left with something to think about. 

FIRST – Know Your Audience: 

Before You Start Writing, You Should Be Well Aware Of Your Audience: 

  • Who will read your writing? Who do you need to convince? 
  • Will you be graded? On what? 
  • Should you be casual or professional? 

SECOND – Pick a side: 

  • The writer must clearly state the side he intends to root for and stay with that position. Pick a side!  
  • Generally, the side is stated in the opening paragraph or Introduction. 

THREE – Do your Research: 

  • In order to convince your reader, you need more than just a simple opinion; you need facts or examples that back your opinion. 
  • So, be sure to do the research! 

FOUR – MAKE A PLAN, then write! 

The 6 Paragraph Essay: 

  1. Introduction/Hook/Thesis 
  1. Argument 1 with support 
  1. Argument 2 with support 
  1. Argument 3 with support 
  1. Show the counter-argument and make an argument against it. 
  1. Conclusion 

The Great Introduction 

Writing A Thesis Statement: 

  • Now combine your three primary focus elements into a single paragraph. 
  • Finish the first paragraph with your finished thesis statement. 
  • There are three primary focus points 

Fast food, in my opinion, is hazardous since it results in rapid weight gain, high blood pressure, and fatigue. 

Fast food, in my opinion, has bad health consequences. 

The Other Side Of The Story – Body 

This is where you should state why your opposition believes what they believe. 


“The points made in this essay would not be acceptable to a fast-food company. They would cite numerous reasons why fast food is beneficial. “It’s convenient,” they might respond, or “it’s acceptable if consumed in moderation.” When all the facts are taken into account, these arguments simply do not hold up. 

Conclude Your Essay!! 

  • The last paragraph summarizes the main point. 
  • End using one or more of the following strategies: 
  • Call the reader to action 
  • Anecdote or scenario 
  • Make a prediction 

The final paragraph brings the work to a close and leaves the reader with something to ponder. 


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