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Learn Phrases for Better Grammar with the Experts

Grade 6
Jun 8, 2023

Grammar – Phrases


Identify the Type of Phrase for the Underlined Words in the Following Sentences.

  1. Richa’s doll is very cute.
  1. Adjective phrase
  2. Noun phrase
  3. Adverbial phrase

Ans: A

2. The Cheetah moved slowly.

  1. Adjective phrase
  2. Noun phrase
  3. Adverbial phrase

Ans:  C


3. Anne likes to wear antique jewels.

  1. Noun Phrase
  2. Adverbial phrase
  3. Adjective phrase

Ans: A

4. She gulped it in a hurry.

  1. Noun phrase
  2. Adverbial phrase
  3. Adjective phrase

Ans: B

5. I gifted him a gold ring.

  1. Noun Phrase
  2. Adverbial Phrase
  3. Adjective phrase

Ans: A


  • Phrases are a group of words that do not make complete sentences.
  • They do not have a subject.

Types of Phrases:

  • Noun Phrase
  • Verb Phrase
  • Adjective Phrase
  • Adverb Phrase
  • Prepositional Phrase
  • Gerund Phrase

Noun Phrase:

A noun phrase is a group of words consisting of a noun with all its modifiers.


  • The naughty dog climbed onto the car’s seat.
  • Tiny mouse runs around the house.

Verb Phrase:


  • Julie was reading the novel.
  • The kids are playing chess.
  • He has been sitting on that sofa.

Adjective Phrase:

An adjective phrase acts like an adjective and modifies a noun or pronoun.


  • The girl on the roof is looking at the sky.
  • My mother gave me a glass full of juice.

Adverb Phrase:

An adverb phrase acts like an adverb and modifies a verb or other adverb in a sentence.


  • Ben drives a car at a very high speed.
  • She was running very fast.

Prepositional Phrase:

  • A prepositional phrase is a collection of words that start with a preposition and illustrates the link between two items.
  • Prepositional phrases can be used as an adverb (adverb phrases), adjectives (adjective phrases), and even nouns in specific cases.


  • The magazine was placed on the study desk.
  • She smelled of peaches and cream.
  • The book was on the dinner table.

Gerund Phrase:

  • Gerund phrases are usually noun phrases that start with a gerund. Gerund phrases, like participle phrases, commence with the -ing verb form and include its objects and modifiers.


  • I like shopping with my buddies.
  • Composing emails is a means of exchanging thoughts.

What is a phrase?

A group of words that does not make a complete sense.

  1. Noun phrase:  The tiny mouse

tiny mouse

2. Verb phrase: was reading


3. Adjective phrase: was very tall

Tall boy

4. Prepositional phrase: On the table

The table



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