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Adjectives: Grammar – Phrases and Clauses

Class 3
May 30, 2023


A sentence expresses a full thought and is the basic structure of language.

A sentence is a group of words that conveys a statement, a question, an exclamation, or a command. It typically has a subject and a predicate and usually has a main clause with one or more supporting clauses.

Juliet was waiting at the park

They all sang extremely well.

Phrases and Clauses

Let us first define what a “phrase” is.


A phrase is a collection of words employed as a single unit of speech without a subject or verb.

It can be categorized into a variety of kinds depending on the type of function it performs, including the following:

  1. Noun Phrase
  2. Verb Phrase
  3. Adverb/Adverbial Phrase
  4. Prepositional Phrase
  5. Adjective/Adjectival Phrase


  1. My friend is a good football player.

In the above example, the two groups of words “my friend” and “a good football player” are phrases.

  1. James and Jackal (noun phrase)
  2. Have been searching (verb phrase)
  3. Beside the trees (prepositional phrase)
  4. Extremely well (adverb phrase)
  5. The building is on 2nd Street (noun phrase)

Let us now examine what a clause is.


A set of words known as a clause has both a subject and a predicate (or a verb).

A clause’s subject may be revealed or left unmentioned, but the verb must be clear and distinct.

A clause may function as a whole or partial sentence.

Depending on what function they perform in a sentence, they can be split into two categories. The various clause varieties include:

  1. Main Clause or Independent Clause
  2. Subordinate Clause or Dependent Clause

Note: A sentence can have more than one clause.


  1. As soon as I reach home (dependent or subordinate clause)
  2. I did not bring my umbrella. (independent clause)
  3. When the little boy saw his mother (dependent or subordinate clause)
  4. Collect your parcel from the courier office. (independent clause)
  5. Though we left home early (dependent or subordinate clause)

Difference between Phrase and Clause

Phrases and clauses

A phrase is a component or a part of a sentence that is made up of several words that add details about the subject, action, or event being discussed. In addition, unlike phrases, a clause is a part of a sentence that consists of a subject and a verb.

Phrases and clauses


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