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Prepositions: Definitions, Uses and Examples

Class 4
Jun 8, 2023


  • They connect nouns, pronouns, or phrases to other parts of a sentence (verb, another noun, adjectives, etc.).
  • A preposition is a word or a group of words (with, in, under, for, to, out, of, etc.) used before a noun or pronoun to indicate time, place, position, etc.

Uses of Prepositions

Prepositions of Time

  • To show when something is happening. (At, on, in, before, during, after, etc.)
  • Let’s meet on
  • Sean will be available from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Please come after some time.
  • They are told to stay inside the room until they are called.
  • We were in Ireland during the World Cup.
  • I was born in

Prepositions of Place

  • To indicate the place or position of something. (On, at, under, or in)
  • I have kept the clothes I borrowed from Jane on the bed.
  • The baby hid behind the chair.
  • The cat jumped over the fence.
  • Place it between the plants.
  • I’m standing in front of your office.

Prepositions of Direction, Movement

  • They denote the direction in which something travels or moves.
  • I ran towards the house when I saw the wolves coming after me.
  • Troy plunged into the water.
  • I gave the laptop to 
  • When will Martinez return from Tokyo?
  • Uncle Joe lives across the hall.
  • Let’s go to the mall.
  • The car went through the tunnel.
  • The lion was racing towards

Prepositions of Manner and Agent/Instrument

  • They describe the way things happen. (By, in, like, with, on)
  • They indicate action conducted on someone or something. (By, with)
  • Sandra commutes by
  • He cuts trees with an axe.
  • The apartment was built by my Great aunt.
  • This tree was cut by an axe.
  • I never went there by
  • They greeted me with a smile.

Prepositions of Possession

  • They indicate ownership. (Of, to, with,)
  • This is the house of the Potters.
  • That’s the girl with the yellow frock.
  • This house is the property of James Xavier.
  • The shoe belongs to
  • That’s the man with the blue Porche.

Prepositions of Measure

  • They indicate the quantity of someone or something. (By, of)
  • I want two pounds of chocolate cream.

Prepositions of Source

  • They indicate that someone or something originated from something or someone, such as from, by.
  • Robin received a scholarship from the government.
  • I got help from my uncle.
  • The money was provided by the company.


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