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Grade 6
Aug 29, 2022

Prepositions are the words that are to link the nouns, pronouns with the different parts of the sentence. They are used to make the relationship between the sentence and the noun or pronoun. Some of the words that are used as prepositions are– by, at, in, on, across, under, with, of, between, behind, above, etc. 

Examples of prepositions 

  1. Richard sat on the chair. 
  1. This book belongs to Martin. 
  1. We were sitting under the tree. 
  1. There are many clouds in the sky. 
  1. She drew the painting with colors. 
  1. He walked across the lake. 

Hope you have a clear understanding of the verbs.  

Types of Prepositions. 

Preposition of time 

Prepositions are used to indicate the time or help to estimate when the thing has happened or going to happen. 

Some of the preposition words that are used to indicate the time are – in, on, at, before, after, during, etc. 

Examples of prepositions of time in the form of sentences 

  1. My brother was born on August 12, 2004. 
  1. I will be in the office at 12 p.m. 
  1. I was born after the Kargil war was over. 
  1. The store of dairy products is open until midnight. 

Preposition of place 

Prepositions are used to indicate the position of an object or to determine the place with respect to the object.  

Some of the preposition words that are used to indicate the place are – on, over, under, inside, outside, in, at, above, below, etc. 

Examples of prepositions of Place in the form of sentences: 

  1. The mobile is kept on the table. 
  1. The child is playing under the table. 
  1. The children are playing in the garden. 
  1. I locked myself inside the room. 
  1. Put the garlic bread over there. 

Preposition for agent 

Prepositions are used to connect the noun or pronoun with its action or workability or used to establish the relationship between the object and its doing. 

Some of the preposition words that are used to indicate the relationship between nouns and their working are – by, with, etc. 


Examples of the preposition of agent in the form of sentences: 

  1. This book is written by Khaleed Hoseini. 
  1. I am going to France tomorrow with my family. 
  1. This room was being decorated by his friends. 
  1. He was injured with the ball. 

Preposition for direction 

Prepositions are used to indicate about the person or thing is moving in which direction or it is used to define a path of the person or thing with respect to person or thing. 

Some of the preposition words that are used to indicate the direction are – on,above, among, between, below, up, across, down, over, under, etc. 

Examples of the preposition of the agent in the form of sentences: 

  1. 1.The keys are placed on the table. 
  1. 2.He is moving along with the wind. 
  1. 3.The sun is above my head. 
  1. 4.My house is across from the hospital. 


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