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Purpose and Tone

Sep 6, 2022


Writers compose in light of an explanation, and you can more readily assess their thoughts by figuring out what that reason is. The writer’s justification behind composing is likewise called the reason.  

The main purpose is to:   

  1. Inform – to give data regarding a subject.  
  1. Creators with this reason wish to give realities that will disclose or instruct something to readers. 
  1. Persuade – to persuade the reader to concur with the creator’s perspective regarding a matter. Writers with this reason might introduce realities; however, their primary objective is to contend or make a statement to reader. 
  1. Entertain – to entertain and please; to speak to the reader’s faculties and creative mind. Authors with this purpose entertain in various ways through different themes. 
Purpose and Tone

For example:

  • The purpose of the photo above is to inform us of the return of American soldiers killed in the service of their country; the tone is one of solemnity, reverence, and respect.  


An author’s tone uncovers the demeanor that the individual in question has toward a subject. The tone is communicated through the words and subtleties the author chooses. Understanding tone is a significant piece of understanding what awriter has composed. 

One ordinarily utilized tone is that of incongruity. Incongruity includes a differentiation between assumptions and reality. This differentiation is regularly comical. Both language and circumstances can be unexpected. 


Sarcasm is a type of verbal irony.  


  • A door delivery interrupts you in the middle of dinner. You say to him, “I’m so glad you’ve called. I hate eating dinner while it’s still hot.” 

The irony of each quotation lies in contrast between what is said and what is actually meant.  

Irony alludes to circumstances that include a difference between what is generally anticipated or planned and what really occurs. 



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