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Grade 4
Sep 2, 2022
  • A question is a type of sentence that seeks answers. It is also called an asking sentence. 
  • A question always ends in a question mark(?).  
  • A question can begin with the WH question words (What, Who, When, Where, Why and How.) 
  • A question can also be formed, by changing the order of the sentence, such as by placing the verb at the beginning of the sentence. 

Questions starting with WH question words

  • Why did Joe get hurt? 
  • Who is Joe? 
  • Where is Joe? 
  • What is Joe doing? 
  • When is Joe coming? 
  • How is Joe doing? 

Questions which can be formed by changing the order of sentence

  • He is cleaning the dishes. 
  • Is he cleaning the dishes? 
  • Anna is taking a nap. 
  • Is Anna taking a nap? 

Rhetorical Questions 

  • It is a question that someone asks without expecting an answer.  
  • It could be because there is no answer, or it could be because there is no obviousanswer.  
  • Their uses are many. 

1. Sometimes these questions are asked to focus on a point. The answer to such a question is really obvious. So, we use it to stress the point.  

  • Why does it have to rain now? 

2. Sometimes it is used to persuade.  

  • What do you want in life?  

3. Sometimes it is used for literary effect. 

  • What a night?   

Rhetorical Questions – Creating effect 

The reason is, when we use rhetorical question, it can make the listener/reader think really hard.  

  • What’s in a name? 
  • Can spring be far behind? If winter comes.  

Different Types of Sentences

Different types of sentences  


The statement is used to convey/express a fact, idea or opinion about something. It always ends with a full stop/period. 



A command is a sentence that is used to express an instruction, order or request.  It can end with a full stop, a question mark or exclamation mark depending on the context.  


An exclamation is a sentence that express emotions (surprise, joy, sadness, anger, etc.) So, it is used to express how strongly one feels about something. 

  • Take care of the baby. (Instruction. It is telling us to do something. In this sentence, it is to look) 
  • What an adorable baby! (Exclamatory. It expresses emotions) 
  • Is the baby hungry? (Interrogatory. It seeks answers) 
  • The baby is hungry. (Statement. It can give facts, opinions or ideas. Here it gives a fact.) 

Rhetorical and Normal Questions 

Rhetorical and normal questions 


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