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Find Information Using Research Skills

Class 8
Jun 9, 2023

Find Information- Research Skills

  • Research skills will be foundational to many decisions that you will make.
  • You must evaluate the validity and reliability of the information that you access, be it from the internet, books, or from individuals.
  • When it comes to the internet, it becomes easier to research.
  • We can be bombarded with information.
  • So, rely on reliable sources. Then cite them properly.

The goal of the research is to ensure that the students:

  • Learn new things.
  • Keep pace with the latest advancements in various fields.
  • Develop analytical ability as they systematically examine and criticize the information they find.

Step 1: Identify the Question/Topic/Idea

  • Identify what needs to be researched.  (E.g., a personality, a specific product such as purchasing a car; or a specific service/issue for the community/organization: fire and safety, public health, road safety, etc.)
  • Base the questions focusing on the main question/topic.


  • Is social media bad for children?
  • The Life of Booker T. Washington
  • How can one ensure road safety?
  • How great is XYZ cereal?
  • The dangers of global warming

Step 2: Locate Accessible Resources

Brainstorm all possible resources (print media (books, magazines, and newspapers), electronic media (TV, radio, internet, social networks), and people (friends, family, professionals, etc.)


Step 3: Analyze for Reliability

  • Ensure that the source is trustworthy and dependable.
  • Government / Non-Governmental organizations (.gov, .edu, .org, etc.)
  • gov, .org, and .edu are much better reliable sources versus a .com.
  • Authoritative authors (PhD., M.D., etc.),

Step 4: Analyze for Validity

  • Ensure that the source is authoritative.
  • The information should be true based on facts and verified through multiple resources.
  • Sufficient documentation of all facts
  • Latest information
  • Proper bibliography (cited or referenced)

Step 5: Determine the Best Answer (Correct Information) and Reflect upon It

  • Based on the validity and reliability, identify the best answer.
  • Justify why you chose a particular source based on its validity and reliability. This makes your research unbiased.
Research Skills


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