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Syllabification: Meaning, Rules, and Examples

Grade 3
Jul 28, 2023

Introduction Syllabification:

  • Syllabification is also known as ‘syllabication’.
  • It is a process of breaking a word into smaller parts that is known as syllables.
  • First, we will learn what is syllable.
  • It is a small unit of a sound of a spoken or written word.
  • It has at least one vowel sound.
  • Syllable is possible without any consonant also. But vowel is mandatory.


  • Pump: 1 vowel- 1 syllable
  • Pumpkin: 2 vowels- 2 syllables
  • In the first word ‘pump’, it has 1 vowel. So, it’s a 1-syllable word.
  • In the second word ‘pumpkin’, it has 2 vowels, So, it’s a 2-syllable word.

We use syllabification to,

  • Simplify the words to read.
  • Easy to read new words.
  • Easy to read long words.
  • It helps to improve reading, speaking and pronunciation of the person who is learning to read new and long words.

Rules of Syllabification:

  • Do not divide two vowel letters, if they have one sound.


  • Here we have 3 vowels in ‘Beau’, but while pronunciation, it has the sound of only 1 vowel-’U’.


  • Treat, Cloud, School
Rules of syllabification
Rules of syllabification
  • When two consonants come between two vowels, divide the consonants.




  • Here we have 2 consonants between the vowels.
2 consonants between the vowels
2 consonants between the vowels
  • When there is one consonant between two vowels, divide the word after the first vowel.



  • Here we have 1 consonant between vowels.
1 consonant between vowels
1 consonant between vowels
  • Never count the silent vowel letters to get the correct syllable.



  • Here the letter ‘e’ is silent while pronunciation. So, we have single vowel sounds/ one syllable.
letter ‘e’ is silent
letter ‘e’ is silent
  • Divide compound words between two base words.




  • Here the words formed by joining two single syllable words.
two single syllable words
two single syllable words

Types of syllabifications:

  • Monosyllabic
  • Disyllabic
  • Trisyllabic
  • Tera syllabic
  • Penta syllabic
  • Multi syllabic
  • Syllabification is a process of breaking down a multi-syllable word into its individual syllabic components.
  • It is closely related to phonics.
  • There are a variety of ways to syllabify words, and that process is dependent on the language spoken.

Let’s learn some words and their syllabification:

  • Basic- Ba/sic
  • Candle- Can/dle
  • Basket- Bas/ket
  • Consonant- Con/so/nant
  • Hundred- Hun/dred 


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