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Grade 5
Aug 27, 2022

Tenses denote the time of action. They show when the work is done.  

  1. I write this letter to invite you.  
  2. I wrote the letter with the help of my sister.  
  3. I shall write another letter next week.  

Three main tenses are:  

  1. The Present Tense  
  2. The Past Tense  
  3. The Future Tense  
  • If a verb refers to the present time, it is said to be in the Present Tense.  
  • If a verb refers to the past time, it is said to be in the Past Tense.  
  • If a verb refers to the future time, it is said to be in the Future Tense.  

The simple present tense indicates an action that is taking place at the time you express it or an action that occurs regularly.   

  1. We play football in the backyard.  
  2. We do not play football.  
  3. Do we play football?  

The simple past tense is an action that is completed and has already taken place.  

  1. We played football in the backyard.  
  2. We did not play football.  
  3. Did we play football?  

The simple future tense indicates that an action will or is likely to take place.   

  1. We will play football in the backyard.  
  2. We will not play football. 
  3. Will we play football?  

The progressive tense uses -ing form of the verb [present participle] and can be divided in: 

  1. Present progressive tense 
  2. Past progressive tense  
  3. Future progressive tense 

The prefect tense uses past participle and can be divided into: 

  1. Present perfect tense 
  2. Past perfect tense 
  3. Future perfect tense 

The perfect progressive tense can be divided into: 

  1. Present perfect continuous tense 
  2. Past perfect continuous tense 
  3. Future perfect continuous tense 


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