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Text structure – Rules for Order and Examples

Class 3
May 29, 2023

Text Structure

Let’s now learn some simple rules for the order of text structure.

  • There is a specific sequence for text structure in sentences.
  • This is called the structure of the sentence.
  • It is the order in which sentences are placed if there is more than one type.
  • The order is quite long and there are some variations here and there.

There are Five Different Text Structures that can be Used to Organize Informational Text.

1. Description.

A piece of writing where the author goes into great depth about a certain subject. This kind of language will describe something’s appearance as well as its location or way of life, size, diet, and other crucial details.


There is a window in my dad’s bedroom that faces you as you enter. A dresser and television are located to the left of it, while his bed is located on the opposite side of the window. So, use these rules as a rule of thumb to make clear sentences

2. Sequential/ Chronological Order

Step-by-step instructions are given, or a process is described in the sequence in which each step occurs.



It’s simple to eat cereal. Get your materials ready first. After that, add milk to the bowl with your cereal and enjoy.

3. Compare and Contrast

There are two or more descriptions. The contrasts and similarities between them are addressed.


Horses’ hooves are larger than those of donkeys. Horses’ ears are shorter and thinner than those of donkeys. Compared to donkeys, horses often have longer faces. Donkeys only have five lumbar vertebrae, compared to the six found in horses.


4. Problem and Solution

A problem is presented, and a reaction or fix is suggested, explained, or justified.


Intoxicated or drug-related car accidents claim thousands of lives every year. Our community’s adoption of a free public taxi service could save lives. By offering this service, we could stop drunk drivers from endangering themselves or other people.

5. Cause and Effect

Consider a scenario where a writer described an incident and explained why it happened.


Water pollution occurs when industrial and agricultural effluents contaminate water bodies such as rivers, lakes, oceans, groundwater, and aquifers. All lifeforms that depend on water, whether directly or indirectly, suffer when it is polluted.

Text Structure


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