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Topic Sentences

Grade 10
Sep 6, 2022

In writing, we need to express our ideas effectively in coherent, unified, and well-developed essays. Each essay is composed of several paragraphs, and each paragraph should express a different point or aspect of the thesis.  

Usually, in the beginning sentence of a paragraph but sometimes in the last sentence or in another position in the paragraph, the topic sentence identifies for the reader the main point of a paragraph.  

If this sounds similar to the preceding section on the thesis statement, that’s because the thesis is essential to an essay just as the topic sentence. It is the unifying force in a paragraph. An effective topic sentence must therefore be clearly related to the essay’s thesis statement

What is a topic sentence good for? 

A topic sentence: 

  • Is a finished sentence. 
  • Can be found anyplace in the section (despite the fact that it isn’t unexpected the primary sentence). 
  • Precisely sums up the central matter of a passage in one sentence and mirrors the section’s fundamental reason. 
  • Fills in as an agreement between the reader and the author. 
  • Guarantees that the author will adhere to the thought it communicates all through the passage. 
  • Isn’t excessively limited or expansive enough to require further clarification or proof. 

A topic sentence usually has two parts, the topic and the keywords that state the writer’s opinion about the topic. 


Let us consider an example:

Soccer is a superior sport for several reasons. 

Here soccer is the topic. 

Superior sport is the keyword.  

In this sentence, Soccer is the topic because it is what the paragraph is about. “Superior sport” are the key words because they state an opinion about the topic, Soccer. The topic sentence identifies and limits what will be discussed in the paragraph. In such a paragraph, the writer would have to identify through personal experience, examples, facts, or reasonswhy Soccer is superior to other sports. 

What is the difference between a thesis statement and Topic sentence?  

Truth be told, topic sentences regularly carry on like small scale proposal explanations. Like a theory explanation, a topic sentence makes a case or something to that affect, yet dissimilar to the postulation which is broader, it endeavors to clarify just a single explicit part of the proposition.  


Additionally, as on account of the proposal articulation, when the topic sentence makes a case, the sentences in the section which follow should clarify, portray, or demonstrate it somew or another. 


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