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Types of Conjunctions

Grade 4
Sep 1, 2022

They are words which we use to join together words, phrases, or parts of sentences.  

Conjunctions are used: 

  • To join words  

I want a sandwich and cup of coffee.  

  • To join phrases together  

Do want orange or apple?    

  • To join parts of sentences together  

I asked Jack for help, but he didn’t know how to fix the car. 


There are Three Types of Conjunctions 

Coordinating Conjunctions 

They are used to connect two nouns, verbs, adjectives, or other types of word. 

We have seven coordinating conjunctions in English. 

There is an easy way to remember them. 

FANBOYS: for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so.  

  • To join words 

Sean is smart but lazy. 


I like pudding and ice cream.  

I don’t like spinach or broccoli.  

  • To join Phrases  
  • They can also join different types of phrases. 

Tim usually goes to the beach or the park for exercise.  

The puppy wagged his tail and barked happily.  

  • To join independent clauses 
  • Independent clause can stand on their as complete sentences.  

I like football. I don’t want to play today 

I like football, but I don’t want to play today. 

Subordinating Conjunctions 

  • They are used to introduce a dependent clause. 
  • Independent clause – It can stand alone and function as a complete sentence. 
  • Dependent clause is a group of words that contains a subject and a verb. It cannot stand as a complete sentence on its own. It doesn’t express a complete idea. So, it is always attached to an independent clause. 

Common Subordinating conjunctions 

Because, since, as, when, before, after, once, until, whenever, since, while, where, wherever, although, though, whereas, if, unless, in case, as long as, as much as, so that, even if, even though, etc. 

  • Mike is not going to school today because he is ill.  
  • Mom won’t let me go out unless I complete the homework.  
  • Although Lisa is tiny, she is very strong.  

Correlative Conjunctions 

They always come in a pair. 

We must use both of them in different places in a sentence to make them work.  

Common pairs are: 

  • both… and 
  • not only… but… also 
  • either… or 
  • neither… nor 
  • whether… or 


  • Both the café and the hotel are closed. 
  • My niece is not only naughty but also very sneaky. 
  • I can either go to Paris or Rome. 
  • Clark can neither play football not basketball. 


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