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Types of Sentences 

Grade 5
Aug 27, 2022

Read the sentences: 

  1. A cute kitten is looking at a butterfly. 
  2. Get out! 
  3. The house is on fire!  
  4. What time is it? 

This is because each of the sentences written is of four different types. This means there are four types of sentences in English. 

Declarative sentences: 

Of the sentences framed above based on the pictures, sentence 1 (A cute kitten is looking at a butterfly.) gives us a direct statement and, thus, is an example of a declarative sentence

So, if someone asks you to describe what a declarative sentence is, just say that; 

A declarative sentence is a sentence that makes statements or assertions. It is punctuated by a period, which we commonly refer to as a full-stop

As simple as that. 



  • Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. 
  • The sun rises in the east. 
  • Roses are red.  

Imperative sentences: 

Of the sentences framed above based on the pictures, sentence 2 can be seen as a command (Get out!) and, thus, is an example of an imperative sentence

So, an imperative sentence can be defined as; 

A command or a polite request expressed in a sentence. It often ends with a period and sometimes with an exclamatory mark


  • Have mercy upon us. (request) 
  • Go now! (command) 
  • You stay out of this! (command) 

Exclamatory sentences: 

Of the sentences framed above based on the pictures, sentence 3 (The house is on fire!) exudes a feeling of strong excitement and, thus, is an example of an exclamatory sentence. 

So, the definition of an exclamatory sentence would be; 

A sentence that expresses a strong feeling, great emotion, or excitement. It always ends with an exclamation mark (!)


  • How cold the night is! 
  • What a shame! 
  • What a coincidence this is! 

Interrogative sentences: 

Of the sentences framed above based on the pictures, sentence 4(What time is it?) asks a question and is an example of an interrogative sentence


A sentence that asks a question is called an interrogative sentence. It ends with a question mark(?). 


  • What is your name? 
  • How are you? 
  • Why are you crying? 


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