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Write a Drama

Grade 6
Aug 27, 2022

Essential Elements of Drama 

  • Plot – A plot is a sequence of events that creates a story.    
  • Theme – Main idea of the story. 
  • Characters – They lead the story from the beginning till the end.  
  • Dialogue –It refers to the words written by playwright and spoken by characters in a drama.  
  • Music –It can be background score or sound effects that add to the intensity.  
  • Spectacle –It can be anything that audience sees on stage. Sets, costumes, props and special light effects.   

Six Elements of a Plot 

  • Exposition -Characters and setting introduction. 
  • Main conflict or problem arises.   
  • Rising action -The main character is in crisis. Story gets complicated with multiple events. 
  • Climax-Occurrence of a major event.  
  • Falling Action -The story begins to slow down and move towards resolving the conflict. 
  • Resolution –Resolves the conflict and story ends.   

Theme – The main idea of the story can be explicit or at times need to be inferred. 

Some of the common themes are:  

  • Courage and perseverance 
  • Family  
  • Friendship  
  • Society values 
  • Human traits and transformation   

Character – A character is a person, animal or thing in a story. 

Types of character:  

Major characters  

  • Protagonist-Hero –Main character around which the story revolves. Example-Harry Potter.  
  • Antagonist -Villain–This character/characters’ cause conflict for the protagonist.  

Minor characters -They play a large part in the story. Their actions may impact the intensity of conflict.   

Different Genres of Drama  

  • Melodrama 
  • Comedy 
  • Tragedy 
  • Thriller 
  • Musical  
  • Romance 
  • Political 


  • Comedy – A Midsummer Night’s Dream 
  • Musical –Phantom of the Opera  
  • Tragedy –Romeo and Juliet  

Drama/play script –It is a manuscript of a play. 

Main Elements of Script Writing   

  • Title –Name of the play. 
  • Playwright – Writer of the play. 
  • List of characters and their respective relationships.  
  • Cast- Actors/ actresses in the play. 
  • Setting, scenes and act – The acts are longer sections of the play made up of multiple scenes. The scenes are shorter sections. Setting normally changes as per the scenes. 
  • Name of the characters and dialogues.    
  • Stage directions – stage directions are instructions for technical components of the performance such as lighting, sound, clothing, scenery, or props, as well as the movement of performers on stage.   

Steps of Writing a Drama /Play script 

  • Outline a plot and create a story.  
  • Give a suitable title.    
  • Divide the story into three acts.     
  • Write scenes for each act.  
  • Write dialogues and actions (Narrator lines to be included if necessary). 
  • Incorporate technical features like sets, costumes, props, lighting and sound.  
  • Review the script for edits and improvisation.   
  • Take constructive feedback.    
  • Prepare the final script. 


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