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Read and Write Action Word

Sep 3, 2022

Let’s revise the action words with some examples.  

Look at the pictures given below and frame your own sentences using the action verb given for each picture. 

He threw the ball 
She will catch the ball 
He passed the ball 
He kicked the ball 
The goolie missed the ball 
He hit the ball 

{Pass, Miss, Hit, Throw, Kick, Catch} 

  1. __________________________________ 
  1. __________________________________ 
  1. __________________________________ 
  1. __________________________________ 
  1. __________________________________ 
  1. __________________________________ 

Let’s now study what doing words entails. 

Action words or verbs are sometimes known as doing words.  

Doing words are words that inform us what we can do. These words denote a certain action.  

Words like eat, catch, sleep, write, read, listen, cook, run. etc. 



  1. What do you do when u feel hungry? 

Answer: We eat something. 


Explanation: Here, eating refers to the action of filling one’s stomach. 

  1. What do you do after playing in the mud? 

Answer: Clean our hands. 


Explanation: Here, cleaning is an action that we do to keep our hands clean.  

  1. What do we do with books? 

Answer: We read and write in books. 


Explanation: Here, reading and writing are referred to as action words. 

How do you recognize action words or doing words? 

  • Action words are sometimes known as doing words. 
  • Verbs are words that perform an action. 

Doing action words are verbs, and a verb ending in –ing is one that is used to describe a continuous action. 

We add -ing to a doing verb when the action is happening or when we’re talking about what we’re doing right now. 

  • The words that tell the action performed by any person, animal or thing are called action words. 
  • What about the non-living things? 

For example: 

The phone is ringing. 

In this situation, either the thing is automatically set, or it must be operated manually. Someone will call, and the phone will ring. 

In the event of a fire, or if there is an emergency. The bell and the alarm clock are both ringing. 

It needs to be operated, either automatically or manually. 

Let’s look at some instances to help you grasp it better. 


  1. Allison is eating watermelon. 

Action word: Eating 

Explanation: Eating is an action term that indicates the action taking place in the present. 

  1. Nevaeh is sleeping. 

Action word: Sleeping 

Explanation: Sleeping is an action word that says that something is happening actively. 

  1. he children are studying. 

Action word: Studying 

Explanation: Studying is a verb that signifies something being done actively. 

  1. The mother is cleaning the kitchen. 

Action word: Cleaning 

Explanation: Cleaning is a verb that signifies an action taking place actively. 

  1. The cow is drinking water 

Action word: Drinking 

Explanation: Drinking is a term used to describe an action that is occurring in the currently taking place. 

Now it’s time to put your knowledge to the test with some practice exercises. 

Fill in the blanks with correct action word: 

  1. The dog is ___________________ milk. 


Answer: Drinking 

  1. Natalia is _______________ a song. 


Answer: Singing 

  1. Josephine is ___________________ an apple. 


Answer: Eating 

  1. Boys are ___________________ fast. 


Answer: Running 

Look at the action words and try to fill the blank with suitable action words. 

Are you ready? 

  1. ______________________________ 
  1. ______________________________ 
  1. ______________________________ 
  1. ______________________________ 
  1. ______________________________ 
  1. ______________________________ 


  1. Read 
  1. Smell 
  1. Write 
  1. Sit 
  1. Swim 
  1. Cry 

Find the action words in each sentence. 

Let’s read together. Ready? 

Circle the action words or doing words in them: 

  1. I am going to the park. 
  2. Let’s go to school. 
  3. My dad is making pizza. 
  4. Let’s play with blocks. 
  5. The bird is looking at me. 
  6. Go and brush your teeth. 
  7. The birds are flying in the sky. 
  8. The children are playing with the ball. 
  9. The baby is crying. 
  10. The phone is ringing. 


  1. Going 
  2. Go 
  3. Making 
  4. Play 
  5. Looking 
  6. Go, Brush 
  7. Flying 
  8. Playing 
  9. Crying 
  10. Ringing 


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