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Writing a Story With Different Elements

Grade 3
Jul 28, 2023

Figure of Speech

  • The writer uses it to create a unique meaning from its actual definition.
  • Thus, the purpose will not be direct/plain.
  • It creates a dramatic effect for the readers.

Imagery Using Visuals:

The orange sun was dissolving into the dark waters as the night slowly consumed him.

Here the colors of the sun are depicted with powerful adjectives in contrast to the darkness of the night.

Imagery Using Taste

Sean slowly ate the butterscotch delight of an ice cream cone. Its chocolate toppings added to its taste.

Imagery Using touch

Put your finger on the ice long enough, and your fingers will numb with the cold.

(In this example, imagery is used to describe the coldness of the ice.)


Imagery using touch

Imagery Using Sound and Smell

The cat wouldn’t stir out during the thunderstorm. Its deafening noise made the cat afraid.

The elephant’s angry trumpets made the whole jungle nervous.

(Here imageries is used to describe the powerful sound of the thunder and the elephant.)

Janet needs to take the rubbish out. Now its awful, stinking smell is everywhere. It smells or rotten eggs and tomatoes.


(Here the imagery is all about the horrible smell._)


In this type of figure of speech, the writer gives human attributes (voice, facial expressions, movements, etc.) to non-human things. 

Metaphors and Simile

  • Similes – Use the words ‘like’ or ‘as’ to compare things.
  • Karl moves like a snail.
  • Sara is acting like a monkey.
  • Metaphors directly state a comparison.
  • Brian has the strength of an elephant.
  • Life is a box of chocolates.

Different Elements in Fiction Prose

There are 5 main elements in a story.

  • Character
  • Plot
  • Setting
  • Conflict (then rising action)
  • Resolution
  • As we have seen in our superhero story, we used all of the above or later added the missing elements.


  • They are characters who show up in the story—people, animals, or plants.
  • The reader can readily comprehend the plot thanks to the characters.
    Protagonists (heroes), antagonists (villains), and supporting characters can all be included in a story. 


  • It describes the place and period where a story is set.
  • It enables the readers to comprehend the location and time of the story.


  •  idea or happenings make up the plot.
  • Readers can comprehend what has transpired in a story thanks to the plot.


  • This drives the story’s events. 
  • The reader can understand why something happened in the story through conflict.


  • Following the climax, the resolution is the outcome or conclusion of the narrative.
  • The ‘conflict’ that shaped the characters’ personalities will be apparent to readers.
  • The conflict’s circumstances are what led to the resolution.
Writing a Story


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