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Addition up to 10000

Grade 3
Sep 20, 2022

Key Concepts

  • Addition without regrouping.
  • Sum
  • Addition to regrouping in hundreds.
  • Regroup
  • Addition to regrouping in ones, tens, and hundreds.


 In this chapter, we will learn about the addition of numbers up to 10,000 and the terms used for addition.  

3.1 Addition without Regrouping 

Addition without regrouping is when the digits add up to a number that is 9 or less. Here, the answer can simply be written below each place value column.  

Example: Find the sum of 2483 and 3512.  


 Step 1: Add ones              

Add ones

Step 2: Add tens  

 Add tens  


Step 3: Add hundreds   

Add hundreds   


 Step 4: Add thousand  

Add thousand  

3.1.1 Sum:  

The result obtained from the addition of two numbers is called the sum.  



3.2 Addition with regrouping in hundreds.  

When carrying out addition, regrouping is often used to carry a group of ten to the next place value column up.  

Example: Find 1300 + 3900.  


Step 1: Add the hundreds  

Add the hundreds  

3 hundreds + 9 hundreds = 12 hundreds.  

= 1 thousand 2 hundred  

Step 2: Add the thousands  

 Add the thousands  

      1 thousand + 3 thousand + 1 thousand = 5 thousand  

   The sum of 1300 and 3900 = 5200    

3.2.1 Regroup: 

Regrouping can be defined as the process of making groups of tens when carrying out operations for addition with two-digit numbers or larger.  



3.3 Addition with regrouping in ones, tens, and hundreds.   

When carrying out addition with regrouping is often to move a group of ones, tens and hundreds to the next place value column up.  

Example: Find 1143 + 2159.  

Sol: Step 1: Add the ones    

Add the ones  

3 ones + 9 ones = 12 ones  

 Step 2: Add the tens  

Add the tens  

1 tens + 4 tens, + 5 tens =10 tens  

Step 3: Add the hundreds                             

Add the hundreds     

1 hundred + 1 hundred  + 1 hundred   = 3 hundred.                                                                                                 

Step 4: Add the thousands  

1 thousand + 2 thousand  = 3 thousand  

The sum of 1143 + 2159 = 3302  


  1. Find 4211 + 346.
  2. Find 5243 + 4354.
  3. Sam brought 200 cupcakes from the bear bakery. Jack went to the same bakery and bought 259 cupcakes. How many cupcakes did they buy together?
  4. Find 1621 + 2245.
  5. Find 97675 + 40854.
  6. Add 82788 + 21932.
  7. Find 64286 + 59991.
  8. Find the sum of 2613 and 2418.
  9. Find the sum of 8243 and 6554.
  10. In addition to 2415 and 1234, what will be the first step in addition?
  11. Find 6259 + 2641.
  12. Find 244 + 465.

What we have learnt:

  • Understood how to add two or more digits without regrouping and understand about the term sum.
  • Understood how to add two or more digits with regrouping, i.e., carrying one digit to next place value column up in hundreds and understood about the term regrouping.
  • Understood how to add two or more digits with regrouping place values as ones, tens, and hundreds.

Concept Map :

Addition up to 10000


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