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Compare Two-Digit Numbers: Tens and Ones

Grade 1
Jul 24, 2023

A hundred chart can help find a number that is 1 more,

1 less, 10 more, 10 less than a given number, without having to count.

1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less of 75:

1 more, 1 less, 10 more, 10 less of 75

Let’s Do the Following Problems:

  1. Use a hundred charts to complete each sentence.
Use a hundred chart

1 more than 48 is: __                                   10 more than 48 is: __

1 less than 48 is: __                                      10 less than 48 is: __




1 more than 48 is: 49                                 10 more than 48 is: 58 

1 less than 48 is: 47                                    10 less than 48 is: 38

2. Complete the part of the hundred chart.




3. Victoria’s number is 32. Sophia’s number is 1 less than Victoria’s number. Olivia’s number is 10 more than Victoria’s number. Find each friend’s number.


Victoria: 32

Sophia: 32 – 1 = 31

Olivia: 32 + 10 = 42

Compare One-digit Numbers:

We compare ones of numbers.

When the ones of a number are bigger than the ones of another number, we use “greater than”.

When the ones of a number are smaller than the ones of another number, we use “less than”.

Compare the Numbers 6 and 2:

Compare the numbers 6 and 2

Compare the Numbers 3 and 8:

Compare the numbers 3 and 8

Compare Two-digit Numbers

Now, we will learn to compare two-digit numbers.

Compare the Numbers 27 and 21:

Compare the numbers 27 and 21

Compare the tens: Both have 2 tens.

Compare the ones: 7 ones are greater than 1 one.

Compare the Numbers 43 and 49:

Compare the numbers 43 and 49

Compare the tens: Both have 4 tens.

Compare the ones: 3 ones are less than 9 ones.

Compare the Numbers 52 and 38:

Compare the numbers 52 and 38

Compare the tens: 5 tens are greater than 3 tens.

Which number is greater, 43 or 21?


43 has 4 Tens and 3 Ones.

21 has 2 Tens and 1 One.

Compare the tens: 4 tens are greater than 2 tens.

43 is greater than 21.

Jacob counts 45 stars. John counts 52 stars. Does Jacob count more or less stars than John?


Jacob counts 45 stars: 45 has 4 tens and 5 ones.

John counts 52 stars: 52 has 5 tens and 2 ones.

Compare the tens: 4 tens are less than 5 tens.

45 is less than 52.

Jacob counts less stars than John.


Write the number and use greater than or less than to complete the sentence.

The Number
Greater than or Less than


Write a number to match each model. Then circle ‘is greater than’ or ‘is less than.’

Greater than or less than
Greater than Or less than
Is Greater than or lesser than
Is Greater than or lesser than

5. Emma has 62 apples and 89 cherries in her basket. Does Emma have less apples or less cherries?

6. Thomas counts 29 plum trees, 19 strawberry trees in his garden. Does Thomas count more plum trees or strawberry trees?

7. Charles has 82 shells. Andrew has 73 shells. Which one has more shells?

8. Stella counts 49 stars. Isla counts 82 stars. Which one counts less stars?

9. Samuel sees 19 birds at a park. Daniel sees 20 birds at a park. Which one sees more birds at the park?

10. Ben counts 48 fruits in the garden. Jake counts 7 more fruits than Ben. How many fruits does Jake count? Write the statement using greater than or less than.

Concept Map:

Concept Map

What We Have Learned:

  • Understanding two-digit numbers based on the meanings of tens and ones.
  • Comparing two two-digit numbers and identifying the
Compare Two Digit Numbers


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