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Understand Halves and Fourths in Squares and Rectangles

Grade 1
Sep 24, 2022

2D shapes 

  • 2 D shapes are plane figures. 
  • 2 D shapes are closed figures. 


  • Triangle is a 2 D figure that has only 3 sides and 3 vertices. 


  • Circle is a 2 D figure that has 0 sides and 0 vertices. 


  • Rectangles are 2 D figures with 4 sides and 4 vertices. 


  • Squares are special rectangles with all four sides equal in length. 
  • You can use shapes to make pictures. 

a. Half of an object 

  • A shape can be divided into equal parts also. 
  • When a shape is divided into 2 equal parts, each part is called a half

b. Halves to 1 whole 

  • Two halves of a figure make 1 whole. 

Example: 2 halves of a rectangle make 1 whole rectangle. 

c. Quarter of a figure 

  • When a shape is divided into 4 equal parts, each part is called a fourth or a quarter. 

Example: The rectangle is divided into 4 quarters. 

d. Quarters to 1 whole 

  1. Four quarters of a figure make 1 whole. 

Example: 4 quarters of a circle make 1 whole circle. 

e. Quarter Vs Half 

  • Two quarters of a figure make 1 half. 
  • The circle with fourths has smaller shares. The circle with halves has fewer shares. 


Q: Draw a line to cut the circle into half.

Q: Shade only one quarter of the given figure.


Q: Paint two fourths of the figure in green.

Q: How many parts do we get when we cut a figure into quarters?
Q: Cut the figure into two halves.

Concept Map :

What we have learned

  • When the minute hand of a clock is on 6, we can say that 30 minutes or half past the hour.


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