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Percent – Concept and Its Uses

Grade 6
Sep 13, 2022


What is Percent? 

Percent can be defined as “of one hundred.” 

Cent” comes from Latin and means 100

Many words have come from the root cent such as century, centimeter, centipede & cent. 

Three ways to represent the percent are: 



Number line 

Equivalent fraction  

Let’s understand the metric units of mass, what they are in actuality.  

In a class survey, it is found that 6 out of 10 students like maths. Now let’s understand it as percent. 

Now let’s use a different method to understand the percent. 

Use the number line to represent the percent 


Percent is always compared to 100. 

percent presentation

Note: Percent is always compared to 100(As a whole quantity)  

More Word Problems: Understand Percent 

Questions1:- If AB represents 20%, what is the length of line segment that is 100%? 


Here AB = 20%  

For 100% = 20% × 5 

                    = 100% 

Similarly length of segment is, 

                    = 6 × 5 

                    = 30 m 

Question2: – If the blue part of the circle represents 20% of students, what is the total strength of students?  


Here, blue part of circle = 20%  

For 100% = 20% × 5 

                    = 100% 

Similarly total number of students is, 

                    = 30 × 5 

                    = 150 students. 

pie chart

Question3: – If one part of the rectangle represents 10% of boys in the auditorium, what is the total number of boys in the auditorium?  


Here, one part of rectangle represents = 10% 

For 100% = 10% × 10 

                    = 100% 

Similarly total number of boys in auditorium, 

                    = 23 × 10 

                    = 230 boys. 

Step: Count the number of different color blocks and divide by total number of blocks. 

Green blocks percent: 


Yellow blocks percent: 

24100= 24%24100= 24%

Purple blocks percent: 


Understand percent-Example: 

pie chart


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