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Solve Word Problems Using Measurement Conversion

Grade 5
Sep 19, 2022


In this topic we students will solve the word problems based on; 

  • Customary Units of Capacity 
  • Customary Units of Length 
  • Customary Units of Weight 
  • Metric Units of Mass 
  • Metric Units of Capacity 
  • Metric Units of Length 
  • Units of Time 

Conversion between the units of measurement  

To convert from one unit of measurement to another unit, we need to multiply or divide 

Conversion between the units of measurement  

Word Problems: based on conversion between the same Unit. 

We every day use multiple real life examples based on conversion, Lets take some of them and expand the understanding of the concept. 


Rick has only 2 hour and 44 minutes until he needs to leave. He wants to watch a movie that goes for 158 minutes. Does he have enough time to watch the whole movie before he has to leave? 



2 hour and 44 minutes = 120 minutes + 44 minutes 

    = 164 minutes 

solution 1


A packing box can hold up to 15 lbs. If Jack puts 9 lbs and 12 oz of clothes in the box, how much more weight can the packing box hold? 



15 lbs – 9 lbs 12 oz = 14 lbs 16 oz – 9 lbs 12 oz  

= 5 lbs 4 oz 

solution 2


Each piece of plywood is 12 mm thick. A stack of 139 pieces of plywood is about __________ meters high. 


12 × 139 = 1,668 mm  

solution 3
  • John bought 27.5 m of cloth. How many cm of cloth did he buy? 

Solution: –  

1 m = 100 cm 

Now, 27.5 m = 27.5 × 100 

            = 2750 cm 

  • Convert a distance of 20 km to metres. 

Solution: –  

1 km = 1000 m 

Now, 20 km = 20 × 1000 m 

           = 20,000 m 

  • Tom’s weight is 45000 g. What is his weight in kg? 

Solution: –  

1000g = 1 kg or 1 g = 1/1000kg 

Now, 45000 g = 45 kg

Concept Map

Concept Map


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