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ACT Science

Grade 8-12

ACT or the American Collee Testing Exam is a standardised test for the admission to bachelor course from IVY league colleges. ACT exam evaluates the student on four major ares like Maths, Science, language and writing areas. ACT assesses the students' performance in punctuation, grammar, sentence strucure, etc, in Maths, it covers the student's mathematical skills.

Course Duration
  • NA12 Sessions
  • 30 mins per session

Kristin Green

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Cell biology that covers the cell structure and functions.

  • 2

    Ecology and biological evolution along with genetics.

  • 3

    Astronomy, Oceonography and materiology along with environmental issues

  • 4

    Energy and matter interaction, mechanics and electromagnetism

  • 5

    Physical chemistry related to states of matter, atomic structure, chemical reactions, acids and bases.

Skills you'll learn

Will develop scientific and reasoning skills. Ability to interpret and analyze scientific information presented in graphs, charts and diagrams

Evaluate scientific hypothesis and arguments

Analyze experimental designs and results that supports the scientific theories and concepts

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