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SAT English

Grade 8-12

Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is conducted by College Baord. Most of the universities and colleges provide admissions based onn the SAT score. SaT has upgraded to Digital SAT to adapt the changing needs of students and educators. SAT focuses on evidence-based reading, writing, problems solving skills and data analysis. It can be attempted multipled times in an year.

Course Duration
  • NA25 Sessions
  • 30 mins per session

Anju Lovely Wilson

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Evidence to support a claim and tone.

  • 2

    Relationship between infographics and the passage.

  • 3

    Meaning of a word or phrase in context.

  • 4

    Choice of words to set tone, style and meaning of the passage.

  • 5

    Interpret the given data from Science, History or Social Studies

  • 6

    Improve the quality of writer's message.

  • 7

    Development of main idea with support information like tables, graphs and charts

  • 8

    Organizing and placement of main ideas and information to introduce, conclude and transitions

Skills you'll learn

Command of evidence and words used in context

Identify the purpose and tone in the given passage

Identify the sources of allusion in the reading passage

Analysing the infographics or data tables and interpret the relation between the data and the passage

Should be able to analyze the passages from Science, History or Social Science topics

Develop and organize the ideas with the supporting details and clear transition

Should be able to analyze and interpret the provided information and use it to support your argument

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