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SAT Mathematics

Grade 8-12

Scholastic Aptitude Test or SAT is conducted by College Baord. Most of the universities and colleges provide admissions based onn the SAT score. SaT has upgraded to Digital SAT to adapt the changing needs of students and educators. SAT focuses on evidence-based reading, writing, problems solving skills and data analysis. It can be attempted multipled times in an year.

Course Duration
  • NA40 Sessions
  • 30 mins per session

Yvonne Hill

What you'll learn

  • 1

    Linear Equations in 1-variable and 2-variables, linear functions and quadratic functions.

  • 2

    Graphical representation of Algebraic Expressions

  • 3

    Ratio, proportion, rate and percentage

  • 4

    Units, Measurement and unit conversion

  • 5

    Probability and Two-way Frequency Tables

  • 6

    Data collection and Representation

  • 7

    Polynomials, Radical and Rational functions

  • 8

    3D shapes and Solid Geometry

  • 9

    Lines, Angles and Triangles

  • 10

    Cicles and basic concepts of circles

  • 11

    Complex Numbers

Skills you'll learn

Create and solve linear equations, and inequalities in 1 variable and 2 variables

Relation between Graphical representation and Algebraic representation

Solve problems using ratios, proportions, rate, and percentage

Measurement of different quantities, their units and unit conversion

Using two-way frequency tables and calculate probability

Writing Polynomials and basic operations on polynomials

Writing quadratic or exponential function and finding solution to quadratic functions

Simplifying and solving radical functions and rational functions

Understand congruency and similarity. Apply for lines, angles and triangles

Understand trigonometric ratios and use trigonometric functions to measure angles

Understand the concept of circles, arc, chord length, area of sectors and angles

Simplify Complex Numbers and Basic Operations of Complex Numbers

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