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Johns Hopkins ACT Scores and GPA Requirements

Jan 13, 2023

Taking admission to a prestigious educational institute is a dream of many students. But achieving the goal needs commitment and hard work. So, if you are a hardworking and dedicated student, you may have everything that is required for taking admission. As one of the top universities in the US, Johns Hopkins has tight rules for its academic requirements, including ACT score and GPA.

Keep reading this article to know about Johns Hopkins ACT and the required GPA for taking admission in detail. 


Overview of Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University was established in 1876 and inaugurated by the first president, Daniel Coit Gilman. The university respects individuality regardless of any diversification. 

It offers more than 400 programs in the arts and music, the humanities, the social and natural sciences, engineering, education, business, international studies, and the health professions. Not only in academics, but JHU also has 24 varsity sports teams and more than 400 undergraduate student-run clubs and organizations. 


More than 21,000 UG students will receive targeted training from esteemed faculty members across nine world-class academic divisions.

JHU has given the world some extraordinary graduates who are shining in various sectors. Among the alumni are visionary CEOs” scientists, famous conservationists, authors, oscar winners, grammy’s, Emmy’s, Pulitzer prizes, and past U.S presidents. 


Other than general academic and other activities, JHU is leading the nation’s topmost universities for spending on research activities. Also, John Hopkins university’s graduate programs in nursing, public health, and biomedical engineering secured the first position in the national ranking.  

Johns Hopkins University Acceptance Rate

38513 candidates applied to JHU in 2021; out of that, only 1338 candidates’ applications were eventually accepted by the college, which makes JHU’s acceptance rate 3.4%. 


For the class of 2024, there were 27,256 regular decision applicants; out of that, only 1,922 were given a chance at JHU. This makes the acceptance rate 7.7%. So you can figure out the challenges of getting accepted into a prestigious college like JHU. 

You need to boost your application in any way that you can, which may include high SAT or ACT scores and an excellent GPA. 


Johns Hopkins University SAT Requirements 2022

The JHU SAT requirement is pretty high. In 2020, admitted students will have ACT scores in the range of 1440-1580. And 50% of students admitted to JHU in 2021 had an SAT score range of 1520-1560. About 25% of admitted students have an SAT score of above 1560. So you already have an idea of the SAT score that you require for acceptance. 

Here is a Rundown of the SAT scores of Admitted Students in 2020.

SectionAverage Score (50th percentile)25th percentile75th percentile
Reading + Writing736710760

Here is a Breakdown of SAT scores for the Class of 2024

SectionLowest ScoreHighest Score
SAT Math750800
SAT Evidence-based Reading & Writing720760

Johns Hopkins ACT

Johns Hopkins ACT requirements are pretty obvious to be higher than many other universities. The average accepted ACT score is 34. Also, most of the students accepted by the JHU have composite ACT scores in the range of 33-35. 


Here is a Breakdown of the Johns Hopkins ACT Score: 

Subject25th Percentile 75th Percentile 
ACT Math3135
ACT English3436
ACT Composite3335

Average ACT Score 34

So if you want to get into this college, you need to get Johns Hopkins Average ACT.


Know the GPA Requirements for Getting Accepted for JHU

As one of the top universities, it’s only evident that you need to have an excellent GPA to get accepted into JHU. A higher Grade Point Average (GPA) is often considered a significant factor in improving the applicant’s chances of securing admission to any college. 

You must understand that Johns Hopkins University is highly competitive and requires outstanding academic GPA scores. As an applicant, you need to have above-average high school grades with a GPA score of a minimum of 3.75. However, the average high school GPA of accepted students of JHU stands at 3.90. So you need to be considered at the top of your class. That means you must get straight-As in all the subjects. 

See the Below Table to know the Acceptance Rate with Different GPAs:

3.50 TO 3.7526%
3.25 TO 3.5011%
3.00 TO 3.253%
2.75 TO 3.001%
2.50 TO 2.75 0%

Here you can see that the chances of acceptance are higher with a higher GPA. So you must perform significantly well in your junior year if you decide to get admitted to JHU. 

JHU Admission Requirements and Process

It would be best if you had these essentials to get into Johns Hopkins University.

  • High School GPA

As you already know, you need to have an excellent high school GPA for acceptance. You need to submit that in the admission process. 

  • High School Rank

You may or may not be attached to a high school rank with your JUH application. It’s not required or recommended, but you can add some extra information. However, this is not going to add any value to your application.

  • High School Transcript

You need to add a high school transcript with your application. That is officially required as part of the admission process. 

  • College Prep Courses

Also, you must add college prep course details and documents with the application, as it’s an official requirement.


Due to COVID-19, JHU makes the test score for the 2025-2026 application year optional. Students are given free will in adding their ACT score for Johns Hopkins University. 

You will not be disadvantaged in the admission process if you do not add any test scores like SAT, AP, ACT, IB, or any other English language proficiency examination. However, if you want to add any score, you are free to do that. These scores reflect your academic ability, and the University will consider them as a part of their holistic review strategy. 

  • Two-Teacher Evaluations

You need to add an evaluation of your work from two teachers. It is necessary to add them to your applications. 

  • Recommendations

You must add a school counselor recommendation with a high school profile to your John Hopkins application. 

  • Mid-year Report

Also, regular applicants and early-decision students should submit their mid-year reports. They need to acquire the updated transcripts by mid-February. This report needs to be submitted directly to the school with an updated senior-year transcript. 


As a highly competitive college, you’ll need to have solid academic accreditations to have a better chance of acceptance. It would help if you had an excellent GPA, with high scores on the Johns Hopkins ACT, SAT, and other tests, which will boost your application to get accepted.



Johns Hopkins ACT Scores


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