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Johns Hopkins University Admission Requirements

Apr 28, 2022

Johns Hopkins University is one of the oldest educational institutions in the nation. It is renowned for offering high-quality academic programs. Students who want to receive the admission offer must be aware of Johns Hopkins University’s acceptance rate, Johns Hopkins GPA requirements, and crucial factors for Johns Hopkins admissions.

This article provides all the essential information on Johns Hopkins University admissions procedure and how you can enhance your Johns Hopkins acceptance rate.


Brief Overview Of Johns Hopkins University 

JHU was founded in 1876, and today it functions as a private institution. It is known as the first research institution in the US and is presently seen as the leading place for research and education.

The university consists of nine schools, and five offer graduate and undergraduate courses. All the schools under the university follow a semester-based academic calendar. The top-ranked schools of JHU that offer graduate programs include the following:

  • Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Whiting School of Engineering
  • School of Education
  • School of Medicine
  • Peabody school of music and dance

The university has its campus spread across 140 acres. All the sophomores and freshmen are required to use the on-campus accommodations. The Homewood campus of Johns Hopkins is considered the main campus for undergraduate students. 

Johns Hopkins University Acceptance Rate

JHU is highly selective in its admission procedure. Last year 3,330 applicants out of 30,115 successfully passed the Johns Hopkins admissions procedure. This figure suggests that John Hopkins’s acceptance rate is around 10%. The university ranks #2 as the toughest college in Maryland, with a low acceptance rate. 


Only 26.7% of candidates were accepted by Johns Hopkins in 2009. The school had reached single digits by 2018, and over 30,000 applications applied the following year, when the acceptance rate fell to a record-low 9.2%. That percentage decreased to just 6.5% in 2022. Now that all hopes of cruising into this private research powerhouse have been dashed, it’s time to start the laborious process of getting ready to apply to this very selective institution, which rejects more than nine out of every 10 deserving star applicants. 

Academically Johns Hopkins requirements are exceptionally high. The university generally accepts students who score among the top 2 percent on standardized tests. As a result, most students who get through the Johns Hopkins University admissions process are among the top quarter during their high school.


Johns Hopkins Acceptance Rate for Early Decision Applicants 

There are two ED choices at JHU. The deadlines for ED I and ED II are November 1 and early January, respectively. A total of 304 out of 2,874 ED II applicants were accepted during the 2021–22 admissions cycle, which equals an 11% admit rate. They joined the 520 pupils who had already been admitted throughout the ED I phase. More than 20% of individuals who applied for ED I were admitted, however exact figures are still unavailable. 

Johns Hopkins Acceptance Rate- Class of 2026 

Only 2,407 of the 37,150 applications received for a spot in the freshmen class of 2022–2023 were approved. This results in a 6.5% acceptance rate. This is less than the combined acceptance rate of 9% for the classes of 2024 and 2025. 


Johns Hopkins University Admissions Requirements

JHU considers the following factors most critical for offering admission to prospective students:

  • GPA
  • ACT and SAT scores
  • Extracurriculars
  • Letters of recommendation
  • The extraordinary talent of the applicant
  • Character
  • Volunteer works

All the factors mentioned above are crucial during Johns Hopkins University admissions process. But to grasp the attention of the admission committee, applicants need to focus primarily on the following Johns Hopkins requirements

  • The university wants students who are passionate about their academic targets. For this, it looks beyond the scores. Convincing letters of recommendation are the most important factors in proving your academic dedication.
  • The university looks for an applicant’s capability of bringing change to society and their leadership qualities through the proper extracurricular description.
  • Johns Hopkins admissions are also highly influenced by an applicant’s character and talent which has the potential to bring positive change and add value to the student community and college campus.

Johns Hopkins Admissions – SAT, ACT, GPA, and Class Rank 

 The middle 50th percentile SAT score for students in the Class of 2025 was between 1520 and 1560; on the ACT, it was between 34 and 35. Furthermore, an astounding 99% of attendees graduated in the top 10% of their high school class. An almost perfect 3.9 was the typical unweighted GPA for freshmen joining the university in 2021–2022. 

Johns Hopkins GPA Requirements

Applicants need to have a high GPA to meet Johns Hopkins requirements for admission. Previous year’s data indicates that the average GPA of students admitted to the class of freshmen is 3.74 on a scale of 4.0. This score shows that the university accepts only students in the A- group in their high school. 


JHU ranks #5 in Maryland for having the highest average GPA as an admission requirement. The following table broadly demonstrates Johns Hopkins GPA requirements and their competitiveness:

GPAJHU acceptance rateCompetitiveness
Above 3.7559%Good 
3.50 – 3.7526%Below average
3.25 – 3.5011%Reach 
3.00 – 3.253%Reach 
2.75 – 3.001%Low 

Johns Hopkins ACT Requirements

Another crucial factor influencing the Johns Hopkins acceptance rate is the applicant’s ACT score. The university accepts candidates who have an ACT score above 34. Almost 51% of the candidates submit their ACT score in the admission application. Moreover, the successful applicants are counted amongst the top 1% of the national ACT test-takers. Applicants whose score is above 35 are given top priority when offered admission. However, in certain situations, the school has accepted candidates with a score as low as 33.

The following table provides a broad demonstration of SAT scores and their competitiveness for Johns Hopkins admission:

ACT scoreJHU Acceptance rateCompetitiveness
Above 36Above 17%Good 
35 – 3611 – 17%Above average
34 – 357 – 11%Below average
33 – 344 – 7%Reach 
Below 33Below 4%Low 

Johns Hopkins SAT Requirements

JHU considers an applicant’s SAT score a crucial factor for offering a seat. Last year around 48% of candidates submitted their SAT scores in the admission application. Therefore, the school is considered extremely challenging in its SAT score requirements.

According to last year’s admission data, the average SAT score of successful applicants is 1470 on a scale of 1600. Anyone with a lower score faces difficulty in getting admission.  Johns Hopkins ranks #1 in Maryland for having the highest SAT requirements in the admission procedure. However, in certain circumstances, the admission officers have offered admission to students with a score of 1420. 

The following table demonstrates a candidate’s chances of admission according to SAT score:

SAT scoreJHU Acceptance rateCompetitiveness
Above 1560Above 17%Good 
1515 – 156011 – 17%Above average
1470 – 15157 – 11%Below average
1425 – 14704 – 7%Reach 
Below 1425Below 4%Low 

Steps to Improve your Chances of Selection to JHU

Meet the average GPA requirement: Your GPA reflects how dedicated you are to the academic sector. Candidates with high GPAs can save their applications from getting rejected immediately. Additionally, high school students must focus on securing a position in the top 10% of their class. Having a good GPA is not the only criterion for admission to your preferred course. Most selective schools look for the course difficulty in a candidate’s application. Therefore, you must take the most challenging AP and IB courses available in your high school to get noticed among your peers.

Aim to get High SAT and ACT scores: Having a good SAT and ACT score, preferably above the average, is crucial for securing a seat in the university. The university looks at the standardized scores to distinguish between applicants. However, in the present scenario, where it is quite risky to take a common test, JHU considers SAT/ACT an optional factor for offering admission.

Top-tier extracurricular involvement: Highly selective colleges evaluate applicants according to the top-tier extracurricular activities. The tier system divides the activities into four categories. To impress the admission officers at JHU, applicants should cultivate in two or more tier 1 and 2 activities.

  • Tier 1: It involves activities that showcase extraordinary leadership qualities, such as performing a research project on the national level, organizing an award-winning program, etc.
  • Tier 2: It consists of activities that are specific to a sector but are more common than Tier 1. For example, holding a prime position in an academic club, winning an interstate competition, etc. 

Craft solid essays: Writing essays is a great way of connecting with the admission committee. Most applicants at JHU have exceptional grades. Your essays have the potential to gain an edge over your competitors. To frame a strong essay, applicants should provide information about their academic experience and how they have dealt with their biggest challenges. The best way to craft great writing is to give sufficient time to it rather than hurriedly writing whatever comes to your mind.

The admission authorities also seek to know why you want to take admitted to JHU and what values you can bring to the campus. Therefore, you must provide necessary information about how you are compatible with the chosen course and how you can realize your professional goals by getting into the university

Consider applying for early decision: John Hopkins University’s acceptance rate for early decision candidates is comparatively higher than the regular decision applicants. Candidates who are sure about completing their higher studies at the university can apply through EA.

JHU Academic Life

The most popular academic programs at Johns Hopkins include Neuroscience, Public health, Bioengineering, and Biomedical Engineering, Computer and Information Sciences, Cellular and Molecular Biology, International Relations and Affairs, Mathematics, Economics, Chemical Engineering, and Mechanical engineering. 

The student-teacher ratio of JHU is 6:1. Around 74.3% of the classes have students below the strength of 20 students. The limited number of students provides the opportunity for personal access to professors. The average student retention rate indicates 98% student satisfaction.

Getting into JHU is challenging because of its low acceptance rate. Additionally, with each passing year, the college is getting more applications to different courses resulting in high competition. However, applicants can secure a seat in their preferred course by working on improving their grades and drafting a solid essay to make their application stand out from the rest of the applicants.

johns hopkins acceptance rate


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