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San Diego State Acceptance Rate & Admission Requirements

Apr 17, 2023

SDSU is one of the most preferred universities for acquiring higher studies. Over 68,000 students apply for SDSU admissions every year. If you are planning to apply for admissions here, it is crucial to know the SDSU acceptance rate, the SDSU admission requirements, and the steps you can take to improve your SDSU acceptance rate. This article is a quick guide to all the important admission requirements for the university. 

Brief Overview of San Diego State University(SDSU)

SDSU was established in 1897, and today it functions as a public university. It has an urban setting, and the campus is spread across 560 acres. The university follows a semester-based academic calendar.


In the previous year, around 35,578 students enrolled in different programs offered by the college, including 31,068 students in the undergrad courses. In addition, the university provides on-campus housing accommodations for nearly 3,200 students, and all first-year students are required to use these facilities. SDSU offers multiple activities for the involvement of students, such as theater, art club, singing, sports, journalism, and many more.

San Diego State University Ranking

Ranking helps students understand the quality of education any college offers. All the universities are ranked according to their performance in a set of broadly accepted indexes of excellence.


The following table provides information about SDSU ranking on different parameters:

Parameter Ranking 
Best National Universities148
Best value college171
The best college for veterans86

San Diego State University Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate of colleges is the deciding factor for how many students can receive an admission offer. Last year’s admission data indicated that the SDSU acceptance rate is around 36.7%. This figure shows that out of 100 students, only 37 succeed in the admission procedure. These figures make SDSU a highly competitive university. 

The school is ranked # 17 as the most difficult college in California. Previous year 64,784 candidates applied to various programs offered by the university, and 23,778 received admission offer. It has difficult academic requirements. Generally, students who constitute the top 40% of national test takers are given priority during admissions.


SDSU Admission Requirements

Application for SDSU admissions in Fall 2022 will start from October 1 and continue till December 15. Students who completed their high school last spring but have not taken admitted to any college and those who will graduate this spring can apply for the first-year programs at the university.  

San Diego State University’s admissions procedure considers every application’s wide range of factors. The admission committee prefers academically qualified students and demonstrates a huge potential to add value to the diverse student community. The final SDSU admissions decision is based on the information provided in the application and the academic qualifications of all applicants.


The following are the Prime SDSU Requirements for Admission:

  • A-G Courses:

To meet the minimum SDSU admission requirements, applicants must thoroughly complete a 15-unit pattern for university preparatory courses. In California, these are known as A-G courses, and students must get a minimum of a C grade to secure a seat at SDSU til the end of the spring term.

  • High School GPA:

Applicants’ GPA provides information about their academic excellence. GPA is an indicator of a candidate’s capacity to take challenging courses. Generally, those applicants are given priority during San Diego State university admissions who have high GPAs with AP and IB courses.

  • Applicant’s Compatibility with the Chosen Program:

The university offers multiple disciplinary courses to applicants. Moreover, SDSU receives a huge number of applications for each program. To make a fair decision, admission officers look for candidates who have a proven record of taking college preparatory courses for the applied program.

  • Standardized Test Scores:

Applicants’ SAT and ACT scores are important factors for SDSU admission requirements. Applicants who perform well in these tests have a good chance to impress the admission officers to secure a seat in their preferred program.

  • Additional Factors:

The university considers applicants who display a strong dedication to pursuing higher education by fighting all the hurdles. Students who have fought life obstacles attended local high schools and taken up college preparatory courses are given special consideration by the San Diego State University admissions committee.

SDSU Average GPA Requirements

The average SDSU GPA requirement is 3.6. This makes the university highly competitive. Therefore, applicants need to improve their high school GPA to secure a seat in their preferred course. The college generally accepts students who constitute the B+ group in their high schools. The university ranks #35 in California for having the highest average GPA requirements for offering admission. 


Having a good GPA is not the only factor considered by admission officers. Applicants must consider taking challenging AP and IB courses to catch the attention of college authorities during application reviews.

The Following Table Demonstrates SDSU GPA Requirements and Selection Chances:

GPASDSU acceptance rateCompetitiveness
Above 3.7537%Good 
3.50 – 3.7528%Above average
3.25 – 3.5020%Below average
3.00 – 3.2512%Reach 
2.75 – 3.003%Reach 
2.50 – 2.75N/ALow 

SDSU ACT Requirements

An applicant’s ACT score is another crucial factor that influences SDSU acceptance rate. Last year nearly 43% of the total applicants submitted their ACT scores in the admission application. 

According to the previous year’s admission data, it can be said that the university accepts applicants with an ACT above 22. In addition, applicants whose composite ACT score is more than 29 are given priority when offered admission. However, in some situations, the SDSU accepts candidates with an ACT as low as 18.

The average ACT requirement makes SDSU competitive. Generally, the students in the top 37% of the national test takers are considered suitable for admission.

The following table provides information on ACT scores and their competitiveness for SDSU admissions:

ACT scoreSDSU acceptance rateCompetitiveness
Above 29Above 52%Good 
25 – 2937 – 52%Above average
22 – 2527 – 37%Below average
19 – 2219 – 27%Reach 
Below 19Below 19%Low 

SDSU SAT Score Requirements

Most universities consider an applicant’s SAT score to indicate their academic knowledge and excellence. Therefore, SAT score is a crucial factor for SDSU requirements for admission. Last year around 84% of the total applicants submitted their SAT scores with the admission application. Generally, the school wants applicants in the top 43% of the national SAT test-takers. 

According to last year’s admission data, the average SAT score at SDSU is estimated to be 1090 on a scale of 1600. Candidates who have a score lower than the university’s average SAT face difficulty getting a seat. SDSU ranks #25 in California for considering the highest SAT score in reviewing applications for admission. However, in certain instances, the university has accepted students with an SAT score as low as 980.

The following table broadly demonstrates applicant’s chances of getting admission according to their SAT scores:

SAT scoreSDSU acceptance rateCompetitiveness
Above 1300Above 50%Good 
1195 – 130037 – 50%Above average
1090 – 119526 – 37%Below average
985 – 109017 – 26%Reach 
Below 985Below 17%Low 

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Selection at SDSU 

SDSU is moderately selective in its admission procedure. Moreover, the university receives a huge pool of applications from prospective students. Therefore, it is necessary to give proper attention to preparing strategically to earn an edge over your competition.

The Following Tips Can Help Enhance your Chances of Selection at SDSU:

  • Aim at Securing an Above-average GPA:

Your high school GPA is an important factor in proving your dedication and educational excellence to the admission committee. Therefore, you must prepare rigorously from the beginning of your high school to graduate with an excellent GPA.

  • Take Challenging Courses:

Students who have a good GPA with challenging courses have an advantage over students who have equally good GPA with regular courses. This happens because challenging courses require more rigorous involvement. Therefore, it is advised to take most of the challenging AP and IB courses available at your high school.

  • A Secure High Score in Standardized Tests:

Applicants with high SAT/ACT scores demonstrate excellent academic skills. Standardized test scores are important SDSU requirements for admission. Therefore, you must take these tests until you have your perfect score to get into the university.

  • College Preparatory Courses:

The admission committee looks for applicants who have completed high school A-G courses. This provides information on an applicant’s compatibility with the opted course. Therefore, it is recommended to invest your time wisely in completing the course to help you further in your career.

Getting into SDSU is typically challenging. Moreover, the competition is expected to rise with each passing year. However, if you are serious about taking admitted to college, you need to prepare for it while you are still in high school. Moreover, applicants with a high score and who have taken the most challenging courses stand a great chance of securing a seat in their preferred course.

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