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Wake Forest University : ACT Scores And GPA Requirements

Jan 17, 2023

If you are looking forward to being admitted to Wake Forest University, then you should be familiar with their requirements. This article will give you informative insights into the acceptance rate, GPA requirements, and Wake Forest ACT scores. So, keep reading until the end to have a clear idea regarding everything.

Wake Forest University Overview

Founded in 1834, Wake University was established as a private institution. During fall 2021, it had a total undergraduate enrollment of 5,472. With a suburban setting, the campus of Wake Forest University stretches across 340 acres.


The private co-educational University is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. And with just a few hours of drive, you can reach the Blue Ridge Mountains for skiing. Also, if you are looking forward to relaxing on the beaches during the weekend, you’ve got the beaches of South Carolina.

Wake Forest University hosts hundreds and thousands of students from across the world. Here, students have the golden opportunity to select from 42 major degree programs. All of them are offered by the University’s six respective colleges and institutions, which is why they result in an extensively diverse and vibrant academic community.


The undergraduate programs of Wake Forest are included in those highly ranked:

  • School of Business
  • School of Law
  • School of Medicine

So, undergraduate students are enrolled either in the business school of Wake Forest College. Around 60% of the enrolled students take full advantage of the study abroad programs offered across 70+ countries.


More than 61% of the accepted applicant’s hail from class-rank institutions, while 87% belong to the top 10%. For granting admission, it’s not mandatory for applicants to submit their scores on SAT or ACT. Wake Forest did not make it compulsory, so students can choose whether they want to have their scores considered.

Wake Forest University – What are the GPA Requirements?

As per the GPA requirements of Wake Forest University, all aspiring students should possess a GPA score of 3.9. Basically, the University expects every student to remain at the top among the best students. If students wish to surpass other applicants, they are required to score an ‘A’ in every class. It is imperative for all students to have a high GPA score to be accepted into Wake Forest University.


Several top colleges make the best use of the Academic index Statistic. This incorporates the scores of GPA and other tests. Academic Index Statistics are chosen before considering qualitative aspects only to ensure that students meet the requisite academic standards. 

Besides acquiring good grades, students must take up several AP and honors courses. So, it would be best if you strive for a more significant number of APs.


You might have a shallow average grade point while you are still in high school. Nevertheless, raising your GPA becomes all the more difficult in both junior and senior years. So, improving your test scores to meet the average ACT Wake Forest demands is best. Besides, it will also boost your Academic Index stats.

Wake Forest University – What SAT Scores are Considered During Admission?

Many higher education institutions claim not to have any SAT cutoffs, instead have all requirements hidden. The SAT score is typically based on the school’s average score. The average SAT score for Wake Forest University is 1390/1600.


To raise the acceptance rate of Wake Forest University, students must submit their SAT scores. The private institution is considered to be moderately competitive in accordance with the SAT score. The updated and new SAT percentiles typically range from 25th to 75th percentile scores of 1310 and 1470.

Here is a breakdown of the SAT scores demanded by Wake Forest University:

Sections25%75%Average Score
Reading and Writing650710680

Wake Forest University – What is the ACT Requirement During Admission?

As the acceptance rate for Wake Forest University is selective, the average SAT/ACT scores can determine the selection chances. Students who don’t wish to share their SAT scores can send their ACT scores instead. For Wake Forest, an average ACT score of 31 is considered to be a good score.

The demanded ACT score for the 25th percentile is 29. And for the 75th percentile, the requisite ACT score is 33. Sometimes you will find that the University says that there is no minimum score requirement. But with an ACT score of 29, you will face great difficulty while seeking admission to Wake Forest University.

And when you have something eye-catching in your application, securing chances will become easier. If you receive a 29 on 30, this score makes you appear academically incompetent. And considering the ACT score over the SAT comes with a significant advantage. And while sharing ACT scores, you have the privilege of selecting the tests you wish to send.

Only the best ten will be considered from the test scores you send. But if you opt to take the SAT, you might need to submit scores for every exam you take. Nevertheless, the majority of the institutions do not consider ACT to be a super score. So you can achieve the highest composite score by submitting only the best section scores.

It would be best if you remembered that most colleges only consider the highest ACT score from a single session, which is why you should plan your test to score the best. Wake Forest university considers only the top section scores from ACT dates while evaluating students’ applications.

Wake Forest University – Other Admission Requirements

The open curriculum at Wake Forest demonstrates that the University is interested in intellectual students. They also prioritize diversity and extracurricular involvement, so WFU has an interest in more than academics.

Besides the demand for Wake Forest ACT scores, students’ writing ability is another eligibility criterion. In fact, candidates should also demonstrate maturity, educational achievement, study motivation, and character. 

Here are some basic admission requirements for securing admission is Wake Forest University:

  • An application fee of $85
  • Letter of recommendation from teachers
  • Credible secondary school report
  • Official transcripts of high school
  • High GPA score
  • ACT/SAT scores
  • A written essay or personal statement
  • Character certificate
  • High rank in class

Some other criteria that can significantly increase your chances of securing a place at Wake Forest University are:

  • Writing essays about yourself determines your potential.
  • Participating extensively in all activities both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Opting for interviews even if they are regarded as an optional component. A 25-minute virtual interview can determine your personality and character best.

Summing Up

As per the high admission standards of Wake Forest University, you need to have strong academic credentials. This will give you a better chance of being accepted into the school. And with high ACT scores, you will have greater possibilities of securing your place in the University.

Wakeforest ACT Scores


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