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Wake Forest Acceptance Rate, SAT, ACT and GPA Requirements

May 24, 2022

If you are a student who is considering taking Wake Forest university admissions, you must know Wake Forest University’s acceptance rate. In addition, this article shares valuable insights about Wake Forest’s GPA requirements, Wake Forest ACT scores, and  Wake Forest SAT scores. So keep reading! 

Wake Forest Overview

Wake Forest University was established in the year 1834 as a private, coeducational institution. This private institution has thousands of students from all over the world. Students can select from 42 majors and programs offered by the University’s six colleges and institutions, resulting in a vibrant and diverse academic community. The 340 acres campus has 5,441 undergraduate students enrolled. The University adheres to a school year divided into two semesters, and the students must live on campus for at least six semesters. Wake Forest University is ranked fifth in the Best Colleges in 2022 rankings. 


The University has over 240 student organizations, ranging from service-oriented clubs to political organizations to fraternities and sororities to religiously related groups. E.g., at Wake Forest, approximately half of the student body is involved in Greek society. 

Now let us discover the Wake Forest acceptance rate and the requirements for Wake Forest admissions.


What is Wake Forest Acceptance Rate?

Wake Forest’s acceptance rate is 29 percent. Only 29 people out of every 100 who apply are accepted. The school has a high level of competition. You have a decent chance of being enrolled if you meet Wake Forest University’s admissions requirements, including GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other factors. 

As per the stats of Wake Forest University admissions, over 13,000 students applied for the class of 2021. Around 750 of the new class’s 1350 freshmen were accepted through the early decision process, accounting for 55% of the total enrollment in the new class.


This represents a 15% increase over the previous year in applications. Wake Forest University has accepted 25% of the applicants who applied through the standard determination process. Women account for 54% of the student body. 

Only 7% of students are from North Carolina, while 22% are within the state. In addition, students from 48 different countries have been admitted. Sixty-one percent of accepted applicants are from class rank institutions, and eighty-seven percent are among the top 10%. Applicants to Wake Forest are not required to submit SAT or ACT scores as part of the admissions process, and students can choose whether or not to have their scores considered.


What are Wake Forest GPA Requirements?

According to Wake Forest GPA requirements, an aspiring student should have a 3.9 GPA. Wake Forest expects you to be among the top students in your class with this GPA score. To surpass other applicants, you will need to score an ‘A’ grade in your classes. Having a high GPA is essential to being accepted into a school like Wake Forest. 

Many top colleges use the Academic Index statistic, which incorporates your GPA and test scores before considering qualitative aspects, to ensure that students meet academic standards. Apart from getting good grades, you should take as many AP and honors courses as possible. This is the total number of APs you should strive for. 


If you have a low-grade point average and are still in high school. However, raising your GPA is more difficult in your junior or senior year, so improving your test score is the best way to boost your Academic Index.

What Wake Forest SAT Scores Are Considered For Admission?

Many schools claim to have no SAT cutoffs but have hidden SAT requirements. It is based on the school’s average score. Wake Forest’s average SAT score is 1390 out of 1600 on a 1600-point scale.


To raise the Wake Forest University acceptance rate, you should submit your SAT scores. The University is considered moderately competitive based on this SAT score. The New SAT percentiles range from 25th to 75th percentile scores of 1310 and 1470. 

Find a breakdown of Wake Forest SAT Scores in the table given below:

Sections25 %75 %Average Score
Reading + Writing650710680

What is the Wake Forest Acceptance Rate for ACT? 

Since Wake Forest University Acceptance Rate is selective, Wake Forest’s average SAT/ACT score can increase the chances of selection. Those who do not want to send SAT Scores can send their ACT instead. A 31 on the ACT is considered a good score at the University. Wake Forest ACT requirements make it a powerful competitor with this score.

The 25th percentile ACT score is 29, while the 75th percentile ACT score is 33. Even if the school says there is no minimum score requirement, you will have difficulty getting into Wake Forest if your ACT score is 29 or lower unless you have something inspiring in your application.

A candidate who receives a 29 on a scale of 30 will appear academically incompetent. If you take the ACT rather than the SAT, you have a significant advantage over other test-takers in communicating your results.

In other words, when sending ACT scores to universities, you can select which tests to send. Only the best ten tests will be considered. However, if you take the SAT, many institutions will require you to submit scores from every exam you’ve ever taken. 

The ACT is not used as a super score by most institutions. You can achieve the highest possible composite score by submitting your best section scores from each exam day to the school. As a result, most colleges will only consider your highest ACT score from a single session.

You must plan your testing around the importance of super scoring in your overall testing strategy. Wake Forest will only consider the top section scores from your ACT test dates when evaluating your application.

Entry Requirements for Wake Forest 

While the vast majority of colleges and universities in the United States have similar entry requirements for incoming freshmen, there are always some minor differences that high school students who want to beat the Wake Forest acceptance rate odds should be aware of.

As previously stated, admission to this school will require more than just good grades and standardized test scores. Students must demonstrate that they will be a positive and productive force within the student body and on campus.

Just as universities must make difficult decisions about which students to admit, students must make difficult decisions about which school to attend.

What Else Can Students Do To Meet Wake Forest University Admissions Requirement?

Wake Forest’s Open Curriculum option demonstrates the University’s interest in intellectually curious and driven students. As early adopters of a test-optional policy, Wake Forest prioritizes extracurricular involvement and diversity over sheer numbers.

WFU is interested in more than just academics; it is also interested in students’ participation outside of the classroom. The most important criteria for Wake Forest admissions are a student’s writing ability, extracurricular activities, and evidence of character and talent. Candidates for admission must demonstrate maturity and educational achievement, and character and study motivation.

The table below summarises the Wake Forest Admission Requirements:

Application fee: 85 USDRequired
Teacher Recommendation LetterRequired
Secondary School Report FormRequired
Official high school transcriptRequired
Wake Forest average SAT /ACT scores Optional
GPA ScoreRequired
Essay/ Personal StatementRequired
Class RankRequired

The following can Increase your Chances of  Wake Forest University Admissions:

  • Participate Extensively:

Wake Forest is looking for students interested in learning both inside and outside the classroom. Tier 1 (the most extraordinary and unusual activities) and Tier 4 comprise an evaluation system for extracurricular activities (the most common). For example, joining a sports team is an example of a Tier 4 activity, whereas being a nationally ranked athlete is an example of a Tier 1 activity. Keep in mind that concentrating your efforts in a few areas can help you stand out from the crowd. 

  • Write Essays:

Essays are an essential part of the Wake Forest application process because they allow the University to learn more about you, not just as a potential student. Therefore, practice writing interesting and comprehensive essays. 

  • Apply for Early Decision:

Wake Forest’s Early Decision acceptance rate is not publicly available. However, it is generally higher than the school’s total admission rate. Candidates have two opportunities to apply under WFU’s ED plans, ED I and ED II, because the University offers both.

  • Opt for Interview:

Interviews are an optional component of the Wake Forest admissions process when it comes to the application process. In a 25-minute virtual interview, endeavor to do your best so that your personality and character can shine through. 

Materials Required for Wake Forest Application  

  • Scan of an official transcript
  • Diploma Scan copy (if available)
  • Passport Information Page Scan
  • Letter of Interest
  • IELTS 6.5 / DET 105 / TOEFL 79 in English

Is it difficult to get into Wake Forest?

It is extremely difficult to gain admission to Wake Forest.

Wake Forest accepted 45% of all applicants in 2021, or approximately 3,816 of the 8,476 students who applied.

Schools that are extremely difficult to enter, such as Wake Forest, accept less than 60% of all applicants. At least 50% of all admitted students have GPAs in the top 10% of their high school class and SAT/ACT scores of 1230 or higher.

Admission as a transfer student is extremely difficult.

Wake Forest has not reported waitlisted or admitted student data.

Final Words 

Because of the school’s high admissions standards, you’ll need to have strong academic credentials to stand a better chance of acceptance. For example, you’ll have a good chance of getting into college if you score 1470 on the SAT or 31 on the ACT. Fulfilling the rest of the admission criteria, such as having a good volunteer record and letter of recommendation, will also help you get into a school like Wake Forest.  

wake forest acceptance rate


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