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Is 1300 a Good SAT Score?: What Colleges Can you get into

Oct 28, 2022

So, you have a 1300 SAT Score, and now you are wondering if 1300 is a good SAT score or not. Whether the score is sufficient to beat other applications or you need to get more marks. And if you need more marks, then how can you do it? Don’t worry! This article will clear all your confusion and give you the clarity that you need regarding the 1300 SAT Score. These are the things that you will learn by the end of the article:

  • Is 1300 a good SAT score or not?
  • How SAT results are formulated.

What is the ACT equivalent to a 1300 SAT score?

  • What will happen if you increase your score by 200 points?
  • List of colleges that accept 1300 SAT scores.
  • How you can improve your result. 

Is 1300 A Good SAT Score?

If you are thinking, is 1300 a good SAT score or not, then yes, a 1300 SAT is an excellent score. It puts you in the highest 88th percent of the 1.7 million candidates who took the SAT admission exam nationwide. The result shows that you have answered all the Writing Evidence-Based Reading and Math test questions in a much more profound way than other candidates. However, if you find that 1300 isn’t sufficient to get you into your preferred school or college, consider enrolling in a test prep course to improve your score and get the desired percentage.

Calculation For SAT Score 


Math and Evidence-Based Reading & Writing are the two primary portions of the SAT, each graded on a range of 200 to 800. These two ranks are then put together to provide a total score that ranges from 400 to 1600. According to percentiles from a College Board publication, the average section score based on SAT users is around 520 points in Maths and 530 points in Reading & Writing, for an average total score of 1050. Using the methods listed above, you can evaluate whether your SAT score is sufficient or not. You can also determine if 1300 is a good SAT score or not. 

How Does A 1300 ACT Compare To A 1300 SAT Score?

According to the College Board or ACT comparability, the 1300 SAT percentile is equivalent to a 28. Because not all universities publish admission data for both the SAT and the ACT, you should look at similar listings for both standardized tests to locate substantially similar schools.


What Will Happen If You Increase Your SAT Score By 200 Points?

If you improve your 1300 SAT score by 200 points:

  • You can get admission to 136 different schools across the country.
  • You can improve your chances of enrolling in your dream school from 71.18 percent to 78.37 percent. 

List Of The Colleges That Accept 1300 SAT Score

Here are some of the best colleges in the country that have previously accepted students with 1300 SAT scores in this range. Continue scrolling down to view, search, sort, and filter the entire list.

CollegeAverage SAT
Davidson College1380
Colgate University1390
Lehigh University1350
University Of Richmond1370
College Of William And Mary1400
University Of North Carolina1390
Kenyon College1370
Skidmore College1310
Yeshiva University1280
University Of Miami1340
Santa Clara University1360
Loyola Marymount University1300
Southern Methodist University1350
Lafayette College1350
Occidental College1370
Southern Methodist University1350

How Can You Improve Your SAT Score?

Improving the SAT Score is not as difficult as you might think. With the correct strategy and tricks, anybody can increase their 1300 SAT percentile and get admission to their preferred college. Here are some crucial ways in which candidates can elevate their scores and excel in their SAT examinations.

1. Set A Goal

If you want to increase your 1300 SAT score in the final semesters, the first step is to define a target or an objective rank that you wish to achieve. If you do this, you can keep track of your progress while studying and determine whether you need to do an extra review or enroll in an SAT preparation program before taking the examination again. For example, if you want to raise your ranking by 20 scores, your approach will be very different than if you want to raise it by 200 scores or more.

Visit the websites of your prospective colleges and the College Board to see average SAT scores for candidates to the colleges on your preference list, see how distinct scores change to various percentiles, and look at the prerequisites for multiple scholarships so you can figure out what score you want to achieve and plan your studies accordingly.

2. Create A Timetable

While this advice may seem self-evident, many students attempt to improve their 1300 SAT percentile without first spending appropriate time studying. Some students consider signing up for many test administrations without allowing sufficient time for studying, which is required to make substantial progress, or they register for an examination date that falls during their school year’s busiest period. Thus, creating a timetable is very crucial. 

If you want to elevate your score by 200 points, an additional hour or two of preparation will not suffice. Even if you have a good SAT score, you will need to devote several weeks to rigorous SAT preparation and review to increase your score significantly. For example, if your final exam is in December, you should begin studying in September. Plan to study for the SAT for at least 3-4 hours per week, and make sure you have a regular study routine so you can make progress.

3. Prepare Effectively

In theory, setting aside hours each week to prepare for the SAT seems excellent. Still, if you’re taking practice test after practice test without any revision, you’re wasting your time.

It will help if you study well to observe a rise in your score. For this, you should take practice tests and go through your responses. For example, suppose a basketball player wants to increase his free-throw accuracy by shooting 100 more free throws after each practice but never changes the manner. In that case, the extra practice becomes useless. Similarly, you should understand where you are making a mistake and rectify it before taking another test.

The key to increasing your SAT score is to figure out why you are making mistakes so you don’t make the same mistakes again. While attending an SAT prep course or working with a private SAT instructor are two of the greatest strategies to ensure that you are prepared to raise your SAT score the next time you sit for the test, you can also benefit from using the 1,000 Question Rule. You answer and study 1,000 problems before taking the SAT with this technique, ensuring that you are prepared for every sort of question you will face on test day.

4. Take A Full-Length SAT Practice Test

One of the greatest ways to make the most of your time is to take a full-length practice test. It’ll take you just three hours to finish the test so that you can do it over the weekend. Students should take at least one practice exam about two weeks before the SAT, but they can take more if they have more time or want to improve their 1300 SAT percentile significantly.

Because the actual SAT will be pencil-and-paper, students can print the practice exam and take the pencil-and-paper practice tests. However, there is also an online option. You can also use the online alternative to practice the essay component of the test. The results will immediately appear on online platforms.

5. Understand And Strengthen Your Weakness

From the practice test, understand your weak areas. If you know which topics you’re having the most difficulty with, you can improve them with repeated practice. Keep taking the practice tests, and soon, you will master the difficult subjects as well. However, do not forget to study the easy topics and answer them with full confidence during the examination. If you follow this trick, you can get 1300 SAT percentile or even more than that. 


Thus, you now know whether 1300 is a good SAT score and how you might raise your score to boost your chances of admission to your selected college. Then don’t wait any longer! Begin practicing and preparing for all of the subjects today, and you’ll pass the exam with flying colors.

is 1300 a good sat score


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